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authority given (in a will or deed) by a donor to a donee to appoint the beneficiaries of the donor's property

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A limited power of appointment may allow a surviving spouse to make a distribution of the final balance of a trust, for example, based on beneficiaries attaining certain milestones (graduates from college, gets married, or has a child).
The lapse of a Crummey demand power is treated as a release of a general power of appointment to the extent that the lapsed withdrawal right exceeds the five-and-five rule.
Under the final rules, a current beneficiary includes any holder of a general power of appointment, whether or not exercised, that was exercisable at any time during the tax year, but does not include any holder of a general power of appointment that is exercisable only on the holder's death.
The grantor retained a broad special testamentary power of appointment over the trust assets.
the individual in favor of whom the beneficiary exercises the power) having his own power of appointment.
Although New York power of appointment legislation has remained largely static for almost fifty years, major developments in the area have occurred.
The decedent here granted a testamentary power of appointment to his daughter to appoint the trust estate to her descendents or siblings.
In the Al-Jihad trust case (1996), the Supreme Court's interpretation of the constitutional provisions resulted in the power of appointment fall into the hands of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
A testamentary limited power of appointment (LPOA) allows the beneficiary to change the disposition that would otherwise occur at the beneficiary's death.
21 or earlier death for transfers by irrevocable lifetime gift, transfers by irrevocable exercise of a power of appointment, or transfers authorized in a will or trust.
14) Essentially, the Florida court reasoned, the trustees held a special power of appointment.
Most countries have procedures that provide for sharing the power of appointment of judges of the superior courts by the judiciary and the executive.
Political observers said this would further consolidate Nitish's position since the power of appointment of the officebearers was earlier vested with the national president and the state president of the party.
3) Trust beneficiaries would not hold incidents of ownership in life insurance under IRC Section 2042 where (1) a beneficiary could not make contributions to a trust which might hold life insurance on the beneficiary's life and (2) a beneficiary's limited power of appointment could not be exercised if the trust held life insurance on the beneficiary's life.
6) If the property is placed in trust, the spouse should be given a life estate with a power of appointment or a QTIP interest.