power line

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cable used to distribute electricity

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Following the meeting of a joint working group in May 2013, implementation of the project on construction of interstate power line was declared economically unjustified.
When driving in inclement weather or in the aftermath of a disaster, you should be prepared for the possibility of encountering downed power lines.
Are there any power lines in the area where you are working?
But he has devoted the latest years of his life to trying to prove that EMF from radar stations and especially power lines are "the most pervasive--and covered up--public health hazard Americans face.
Do not build playhouses or platforms in trees with nearby power lines.
Further down the shoreline, Karen Adams is a co-founder of Fairfield's Alliance to Limit Electromagnetic Radiation Today (ALERT), formed in 1991 after CL&P quietly won approval for a 115,000-volt power line along the commuter rail line from Bridgeport to Norwalk.
Due to the balloon's metallic properties, they are naturally drawn to overhead power lines.
However, if they are not used properly, especially near power lines, kites can also be very dangerous.
Savitz of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill classified houses on the basis of their proximity to residential power lines and the intensity of ELF exposure (SN: 2/14/87, p.
DALLAS -- With cold weather behind us and the rainy season dwindling, trees are flourishing in Texas -- some right into power lines.
National Laboratory organized a workshop immediately following the Denver power line meeting to review the latest ELF results, but he refuses to talk publicly about a consensus statement being prepared using participants' comments.
com/reports/c48883) has announced the addition of USA - Broadband Market - Broadband over Power Line (BPL) to their offering.
The warning comes on the heels of hip-hop sensation Lil' Bow Wow's motion picture debut, ``Like Mike,'' in which his character climbs a tree in the rain to retrieve a pair of sneakers dangling from a power line.
As a member, Cypress will leverage its expertise in connectivity and high-definition video to promote the UPA's digital home standard (DHS) for high-speed networking over power lines, the only power line communication standard currently producing silicon at the industry-leading data-rate of 200 Mbps.