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South 24 Parganas (West Bengal) [India] Dec 28 ( ANI ): A clash broke out on Thursday between groups of villagers in South 24 Parganas' Bhangar area where several people suffered injuries and two vehicles were set ablaze during a protest over a power grid project.
For funding of its other transmission projects Power Grid has submitted a proposal to the ministry of power for recommending it for consideration of Finance Ministry for sovereign loan assistance of USD 500 million from the World Bank the company said.
The Central Asian power grid allows power grids to function in parallel to each other and to promptly resolve arising problems.
The qualitative analyses of power grid system in subsea with respect to its concept, components, technical knowhow, innovations, and power supply sources are done in an elaborative manner.
Oman is enjoying significant benefits from its decision to connect to the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) power grid, according to an expert presenting a paper on the GCC power grid at the Oman Power and Water Summit.
Roderick Stuart, a spokesman for Northern Power Grid said: "At around 10.
The loan is expected to be used by the company for investment projects designed to boost its power grid infrastructure's energy efficiency, ensure stable power supplies to its customers as well as to lower the accident incidence rate and its distribution grids' loss level.
Release date- 02112011 - The CEOs of the world's 14 largest power grid operators have signed a 'Smart Grid' Declaration, committing themselves to a common vision on the importance of smart grids to the transition to a carbon free society.
Tunisia's power grid is in need of upgrading both to meet domestic demand as well as to increase reliability as part of its ongoing integration into the EU energy sector.
CENTRAL transmission utility Power Grid Corp of India Ltd ( Power Grid) has featured in the list of top- 250 global energy companies, compiled by Platts, a provider of energy and commodities information.
A committee has been set up to draw plans to develop and generate the two types of renewable energy in the country, they told a Press conference at the Electricity and Water Authority to announce the completion of the two phases of the GCC power grid.
As a function of winning this contract ConsumerPowerline will work with its current client base, including commercial, residential and industrial buildings, and aggressively court potential new program participants, to increase the area's power grid reliability by leveraging the NYSERDA funds across different energy assets including HVAC, distributed generation, demand response, permanent efficiency and energy control.
Our power grid is also hooked up to the latest energy resource technology capable of withstanding any fallible situation, right?
SANTA CLARA, CA -- Saying chip designers have to analyze more than just the IC, Sigrity announced the beta release of a tool that checks power grid integrity from chip to package to board.