power drill

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a power tool for drilling holes into hard materials

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Who has not used a power drill or saw for home repair?
Whitehead keeps costs down by driving his plucker with a 3/8-inch power drill.
Property stolen included fishing equipment, a power drill in its case, a pair of ladies' brown suede boots and a car battery charger.
In 2010 he was charged and later cleared over an attack on James Hanlon, who was assaulted with a power drill.
AS ALL enthusiastic DIYers will know, one power drill is often not enough to complete every DIY task.
Super Mario Galaxy 2 sees the return of his dinosaur pal Yoshi and features a whole bag of new items for the portly plumber to play with - including a power drill which can tunnel through entire planets.
The unidentified officials said the report, due for release to the public next week, details how captured al-Qaeda commander Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri was threatened with a power drill and a gun by CIA interrogators in an attempt to procure information.
A man who passed himself of as a dentist for years despite using a DIY power drill and a pair of household pliers has been arrested.
Nor should you give your significant other something pragmatic like a power drill.
A basic 12v Performance Power Drill Driver has a threehour recharge time and is suitable for most drilling jobs and driving screws into wood.
Moving counterclockwise are Buck's future do-it-yourself tools: a drill press and a power drill.
Finally, drive the masonry screw with a power drill (you'll need a No.
But to find the light you must stomp around patches of fire-blackened forest, claw through wind-ravaged woods, and shimmy some 30 feet up pine trees, power drill dangling from your logger's belt.
Power Drill Bits by Tomboy Tools - Comes in a handy case with a smartly designed hinged-opening - for easy access to the bits.
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