powdery mildew

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any of various fungi of the genus Erysiphe producing powdery conidia on the host surface

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At that time, it took five years to map a few traits, including genes for flower sex determination and "REN2" powdery mildew resistance.
Powdery mildew has been shown to lead to yield losses of up to 40 per cent in susceptible varieties, when the disease becomes established prior to flowering, Ms Kelly said.
The powdery mildew occurs throughout the year under favorable conditions and it is more severe in late sown kharif crop.
Moreover, the classification and regression tree (CRT) was utilized to develop the prediction model of wheat powdery mildew.
However, a little is known about the effects of temperature, relative humidity and wind speed on disease incidence of powdery mildew of pea under field conditions.
For powdery mildew resistance, grow hybrid 'JWS 6823 PMR' for its vigorous vines that produce 3- to 4-pound fruits.
In Brazil, there are many barley crop damage function equations (DFE) for simple pathosystems, such as powdery mildew (REIS et al.
A: I suspect that the tree may have powdery mildew, as this is a very common disease in California on crape myrtle.
But asters are not alone in being susceptible and we don't stop cultivating rosesand rhododendrons, apples and soft fruit, cucumbers, peas, marrows because they are also vulnerable to powdery mildew.
To do so would likely increase the powdery mildew or introduce a more destructive fungus.
Watch out for early signs of powdery mildew disease which could be rampant at this time of the year.
Remove leaves that look dusty, as this could herald powdery mildew.
Check for powdery mildew and diseases on plants like Michaelmas daisies, lilies and peonies ?
All plants have the gene, which makes the enzyme chitinase and helps them identify and fight off diseases such as powdery mildew.
Pursuant to the agreement, Gowan will develop the new, unique and highly effective fungicide meptyldinocap to address the problems of powdery mildew in fruits and vines in the US and Canada, the company said.