powder technique

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a process for identifying minerals or crystals

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It was observed that due to splitting action the micro cracks, macro cracks and some major cracks were produced at the surface of block due to intense velocity of shock waves after initiation of explosives through safety fuse and explosion, which affects not only the quality of rock but also decrease the worth of blocks as compared to diamond wire saw and expansion powder technique. Due to use of explosives as secondary cutting agent only B, C, and D quality of blocks were extracted and about 49% of the total volume of primary cut block was loss as waste material.
In this study conventional (pre-splitting), modern mechanized mining (diamond wire saw) and expansive powder techniques were used for extraction of black granite blocks in district Mansehra Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
These include modern mechanized mining (wire saw and chain saw), presplitting control blasting, conventional mining, and expansion powder techniques. The conventional method involving un-controlled blasting is causing severe damage to dimension stone reserves in terms of high losses, production of micro cracks, macro cracks and substandard blocks due to which It is estimated that there is more than 85 percent of waste produced in extraction phase of marble and granite which is more than 45 percent as per international standard (Muhammad Omair, 2014; Shaker Mahmood, 2011).
Perry, "A powder technique for the evaluation of nonlinear optical materials," Journal of Applied Physics, vol.
The aim of this study is to evaluate the properties and to optimize the process parameters of this powder technique by means of a statistical approach.
Fingerprints that developed on the light brown packing tape were rated slightly higher using the alternate black powder technique, although the Liqui-Drox method also yielded high-quality fingerprints.
We have not yet determined their molecular hyperpolarizabilities, |beta~ and |gamma~, but have measured instead their bulk second-order NLO susceptibilities, |X.sup.(2)~, via, the Kurtz Powder Technique. The compound is ground to a fine powder, immersed in an index matching liquid, and placed in the beam of a Nd laser operating in the near IR at 1064 nm.
Will teach powder technique. Operates 12-person lodge, 2 miles from mountain base, and 12-person snowcat.