powder monkey

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someone who carries explosives (as from the magazine to the guns on board a warship)

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When he was researching Powder Monkey he visited HMS Victory, the Royal Naval Museum in Portsmouth, the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, and HMS Trincomalee in Hartlepool, which is the last surviving frigate from the time.
In Powder Monkey, a novel for children of eight and over, Wolverhampton-based author Paul Dowswell tells the yarn of Sam Witchell, a 13-year-old who innocently joins the crew of a merchant ship before being press-ganged into the Royal Navy and forced to serve as a powder monkey.
Many of Tristan da Cunha's songs have nautical themes, and Munch was particularly interested in one song; 'Little Powder Monkey Jim' (loud 1770).
Octopus The court heard that Glasgow-born Laverty, now 36, was working as a chef at the Powder Monkey pub in Exmouth, Devon, in 2002.
He served as a powder monkey on a British warship during the Seven Years' War, learning English and being sent to school.
Her discovery of an old book about the Battle of Trafalgar links her with powder monkey Sam Robbins who has been kidnapped to work aboard a ship, and soon a strange set of time-defying interconnections links the two against all odds.
Taunton-based permit-holder Tommy Needham was all smiles after Powder Monkey followed up her recent Newton Abbot success in the hands of Seamus Durack when repelling the strong challenge of Andy Clyde by a length and three-quarters for the conditional jockeys' handicap hurdle.
All welcome afterwards to the Powder Monkey, Wallsend DODD CHRISTINE (Shotley Bridge, Consett).
The Powder Monkey, on Wiltshire Drive in Wallsend, reopened its doors in August following a refurbishment.
Octopus The court heard that Glasgow-born Laverty,now36,was working as a chef at the Powder Monkey pub in Ex mouth, Devon, in2002.
A drop to the lowest grade was all Powder Monkey needed to get the second win of her career at the age of eight.
The Jolly Bowman and The Powder Monkey, in Wallsend, and The Drift Inn in Seaton Burn want permission for shelters to cater for smoking customers.
In the heat of battle, as powder monkey Sam and his friend American Richard fetch cartridges to fire at the enemy, Pritchard puts them into a hold.
Everyone welcome afterwards to the Powder Monkey Pub, Wiltshire Drive, Wallsend.
C Division: Coxlodge & Gosforth 0 The Nautilus 5, Powder Monkey 3 Lochside 1, Westbourne Soc 2 St Peter's Soc 0, Heaton Meadowfield 1 Wallsend Coronation 1.