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a storehouse (as a compartment on a warship) where weapons and ammunition are stored

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The powder magazine building at the French fort came in 10th.
The powder magazine suffered from the same problem: Isham admitted that it was neither rainproof nor bombproof.
The public edifices, such as the Government building, the Intendancy, the Counsel building, and the most solid structures, like the new church, the new Corps de Garde, the powder magazine and private houses, were no more than heaps.
The footage appeared in the film "High Life" and helped build a name for the rider named Best Powder skier of the year in 2004 by Powder magazine.
There was a powder magazine at every anthracite mine.
At 8:06 A.M., a 1,760-pound bomb slammed into the Arizona's forward decks and ignited 500 tons of explosives in the powder magazine. She sank in nine minutes and burned for two days.
Local clansman Donald Maclean of Duart boarded the ship and ignited its powder magazine, reputedly sending 350 Spaniards and pounds 300,000 worth of gold bullion to the bottom of the sea.
Guns and munitions were stacked against the priory ruins and a huge powder magazine was built on the site of the cloister.
Berry serves the ASTM D-1 Committee on Paints and Related Coatings as Chair of its Regulatory Affairs Subcommittee, is a member of the Editorial Board of Coatings World Magazine and is a consultant to Industrial Paint and Powder Magazine. Mr.
Pike is mortally injured when the retreating British blow up the fort's powder magazine.
Desperate to avoid this fate, Amalda somehow slipped into the ship's powder magazine, which she detonated, killing everyone onboard.
Kevin Back, account executive for Powder Magazine, which caters to an upbeat segment of 16- to 42-year olds, agrees: "Snowboarding was actually a blessing in disguise.
Kadena powder magazine site in Okinawa Prefecture on Thursday evening but all four aboard were unhurt, police sources said.
Once the new access road has been built, a powder magazine will be contructed and a final powder permit sought.