powder horn

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container for carrying gunpowder


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Quite a few new customers who visit Powder Horn purchase their first gun there, which leads to add-on sales, Brandkamp noted.
[If the number "543" on the negative corresponds to Jackson's descriptive list of photos, this is Gives to the Poor, described by Jackson as "a soldier or policeman of the Skeedes."] His Remington pistol, shot pouch, and powder horn are shown, along with his striped, button front shirt and blanket.
Missouri Historical Society Among items in the exhibit are (clockwise from top) William Clark's elkskin-bound journal; an inlaid powder horn that belonged to Clark; a portrait of Meriwether Lewis by Charles B.J.F.
* African-American provincial soldier John Bush, carving an artfully decorated powder horn; more than 20 powder horns appear in the exhibit.
Like mankind's desire to leave his mark on nature, John Proud's interest in working powder horn goes back a long way.
By the nineteenth century, people had taken to referring to it as the Powder Horn, and so it was most fitting that when the Association for Virginia Antiquities was founded in Williamsburg, in January 1888, the Powder Horn should be the first building it purchased.
There are other hunting things--the powder horn, stick, brass horn, knife, gun and hat.
For example, dispersion is suggested through a powder horn, high-speed blender, or at a point of good agitation in the processing vat.
UP UNTIL THE ADVENT of the modern cartridge, a powder horn was considered indispensible by every hunter of the day.
Pour from the powder horn or flask into a powder measure and then into the bore--never directly from the flask.
The dedicated buckskinner dedicates himself to the period and does all he can to emulate the mountain man of the 1800s, from rifle to powder horn. The traditional archer thrives in a world of high tech/low tech.
"Black Powder Charlie" Hunt, proprietor of the Powder Horn in Casper, Wyo., knows where to focus his sales efforts.
He lived much of his life in the woods, nearly always accompanied by his gun, tomahawk and powder horn, cultivating an image of toughness, gaining rock-star status among admirers from here to Europe.