powder flask

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container for carrying gunpowder


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This is one of a small group of powder flasks made in Japan and decorated with figures of namban-jin--literally European 'savages'--following the craze for foreign things sparked by the arrival of Europeans.
The collection includes a range of books on the Wild West, American Civil War and the personalities involved, gun holsters a cartridge belt, powder flask, 15 marshal and sheriff badges, reproduction Wanted posters for famous outlaws such as Billy the Kid and Butch Cassidy, and a reproduction photograph of Harry Longabaugh ( alias the Sundance Kid.
Their items range from a deluxe powder flask and stainless steel ramrods to an Oregon ball/bullet starter and a barrel flush kit.
Q: We have a powder flask that was given to us by a family member that passed away many years ago.
I find the see-through powder flask and adjustable powder measure from Thompson/Center invaluable.
* Powder flask to take on hunt (enough volume to hold powder for 10 magnum loads)
In their original fitted box with bullet maker and powder flask, this pair of pistols will be coming up for auction at Anthemion on July 16 with an estimate of pounds 2,000 to pounds 3,000.
Pyrodex pellets and Wonder Wads eliminate the powder flask and grease tube.
the other is the first powder flask made in this country in 25 years.
The 1841 fired a round ball using either separate patches and powder flask, or with a patch tied around the bullet enclosed within a paper cartridge.
By pouring the powder into the powder measure first, there is no chance of an ember setting off the entire powder flask. Once the charge has been placed in the chamber, a lubed wad is then pushed into the front of the chamber by hand.
I just happen to have a brand new unfired sample of that newer Colt series in a cased set, with powder flask and bullet mould, and it's a wonderful looking kit.
(19) A cased Colt Paterson cap-and-ball revolver, complete with extra cylinder, powder flask, ramrod bullet mould , utility/loading tool and percussion cap box.
The treatment includes faux flyspecks, strategically placed scratches, oil stains where guns might have lain and even indentations where a powder flask might have rested in the appropriate compartment.