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a small cosmetics case with a mirror


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Caption: Eco-designed powder compact incorporating Morphotonix' eco-friendly brand protection technology.
As shown in Figure 2(b), the negative value indicates that the powder compact shrinks in both radial and axial directions during HIP.
Another product is Paese's Hydrating Powder with Collagen, a powder compact offering full coverage, a silky consistency and a long-lasting effect.
Each set includes a pretend powder compact, blush, lip gloss, glitter pot, eye shadow palette, and real makeup brush set in a convenient (and colorful) cosmetic bag.
For instance, Sylvia Bradley exclaims, "I've been diddled" when she discovers the latch on a new powder compact is broken.
This limited edition owl pressed powder compact, PS38 is our favourite.
The Assets model admitted to getting a weekly manicure and haircut, eyebrow threading, tans - and owns a powder compact too.
The company was owned by Laughton & Sons and was a famous powder compact producer from around 1930 to 1990.
Once the validity of the proposed unit cell model is ascertained for mixed dielectrics as well as metal-dielectric composites (metal powders), the unit cell model of the metal powder compact is studied in detail, which is also one of the main objectives of this paper.
Following the introduction of an initial holiday collection last November, a comprehensive line of 62 SKUs will debut during the first quarter of this year with such unique signature items as Kurve Powder Compact, MSM Pre-Make-up Gelee and Intimate Spotlight Illuminator.
They model the process using differential equations and argue that they have achieved complete agreement between theoretical calculations and the experimental data on powder compact final densities.
This is a French powder compact made of cream celluloid, with a lovers' scene on the lid.
Remember your powder compact, concealer, a long-lasting lipgloss or lipstick, and a blush.
Sephora Glitter Powder Compact in Turquoise (#120), $9, sephora.com