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a small cosmetics case with a mirror


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I hope to discover more about Stratton, an inspiring company of its era, and their reputation as the world's largest powder compact manufacturer.
A close analysis of the effects of these parameters on the effective permittivity and permeability of the metal powder compact is carried out using the numerical simulator, and is very helpful to understand the microwave sintering process as the constitutive properties of these materials quite significantly affect the overall sintering process using microwaves.
Following the introduction of an initial holiday collection last November, a comprehensive line of 62 SKUs will debut during the first quarter of this year with such unique signature items as Kurve Powder Compact, MSM Pre-Make-up Gelee and Intimate Spotlight Illuminator.
com Finish off your perfectly concealed complexion with this powder compact.
They model the process using differential equations and argue that they have achieved complete agreement between theoretical calculations and the experimental data on powder compact final densities.
This is a French powder compact made of cream celluloid, with a lovers' scene on the lid.
Remember your powder compact, concealer, a long-lasting lipgloss or lipstick, and a blush.
Sephora Glitter Powder Compact in Turquoise (#120), $9, sephora.
Boscia's Fresh Blotting Linens (100 sheets for $6), made of 100% natural linen, are like a male version of a powder compact, yet discreet enough to hide in a tux pocket, www.
Check out a friend's star sign and surprise her with Estee Lauder's diamante and gold Powder Compact.
Designed to decrease the number of steps in applying makeup while saving space in the cosmetics bag, the three-in-one pressed powder compact incorporates complementary shades for face, cheeks and eyes.
Ideal for the lady who lunches (wanna-bes, too) is Estee Lauder's new rhinestone-studded powder compact adorned with a good luck charm, $55 at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills.
The silicon nitride was prepared by a reaction of a powder compact of silicon with nitrogen to form silicon nitride.