poverty trap

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a situation in which an increase in income results in a loss of benefits so that you are no better off

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Yet a major challenge analysts and policymakers face in understanding poverty traps is the sheer number of mechanisms--not just financial, but also environmental, physical, and psychological--that may contribute to the persistence of poverty globally.
NEARLY a million over-75s are in living a "poverty trap" with little hope of escape in their lifetimes, according to Independent Age.
These tax credit cuts will only further burden us and push us ever closer to the poverty trap that so many already find themselves in through no fault of their own.
Thus the socalled poverty trap is in place: poverty affects the saving rate by creating problems which distract intellectual attention which could have been devoted to planning for the future, and the resulting low saving rate eventually causes the poor to remain poor.
This might appeal to better-off voters in Middle England Tory seats that Labour want to win, but it will push more families in north Wales into the poverty trap.
(2010/12) The Full Monty 11.00pm, Sky1 When they lose their jobs at a Sheffield steel plant, a group of friends attempt to escape the poverty trap they have fallen into.
Based on randomised controlled trials, Banerjee and Duflo have enriched this compelling piece of work and shed light on the truth of the poverty trap.
Do they not realise that many now suffer lower incomes, which destroys their will to work, to live and yet we have these strange minds who use the powers we have allowed them to suffocate trade and professions and to bring many more people into the poverty trap.
Within this framework, we try to answer the question, whether--and for which groups--insurance against such random losses can help in reducing the risk of falling below the poverty trap.
A sub-thread of the growing poverty trap literature emphasizes the relationship between risk avoidance and poverty (Bardhan et al.
FAO has predicted that growing process of food prices increase will put 100 million people within poverty trap.
Former Southam College head girl, 20-year-old Alice Nason, is climbing the highest mountain in Africa in June and is aiming to raise over pounds 2,000 for charity Childreach International, which helps children out of the poverty trap by giving them the skills to find work.
poverty trap and create a sense of belonging by enabling them to connect with
One study reports on an experiment to see if students can avoid a "poverty trap."
The houses in Dinas Mawddwy will have air heat pumps to help tenants keep out of the fuel poverty trap.
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