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a level of personal income defining the state of poverty

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Othman said the definition mentioned by Alston could refer to Malaysia's Poverty Line Index, or the absolute poverty line, as explained by Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali.
According to the United Nations, one in 10 people in developing regions still live on less than $1.9 per day (the equivalent of 714 fils), which is the internationally agreed poverty line, while millions of others live on slightly more than this daily amount.
The study by the Social Metrics Commission (SMC) found 4.5m people are more than 50 per cent beneath the poverty line, a proportion that has not changed since 2000/01.
The Biden campaign told us he was using the supplemental poverty measure (SPM) and counting every individual and family whose income was below 200 percent of the poverty line. That formula gets him to 140 million people, or 43.3 percent of the U.S.
Uzbekistan has the largest proportion of people living below the poverty line in Asia, and along with Turkmenistan and Cambodia, contains approximately 0 percent living on more than US$50 per day.
Over 62% of the rural population of Balochistan lives below the poverty line and the gap between rural and urban poverty is the widest in Sindh at almost 30%.
The HIES 2016 findings showed that the country's poverty rate as per the upper poverty line came down at 24.3 percent in 2016 which was 40 percent in 2005.
According to Ekysy, official figures may show that the beneficiaries of the small cheque are around 38,000, but pensioners with earnings below the poverty line are many more.
Using data from the Philippine Statistical Authority (PSA) Family Income and Expenditure Survey (FIES) 2012, they arrived at the following categories: Poor (per capita income less than the official poverty threshold which in peso terms is P7,890); Low income, but not poor (per capita incomes between the poverty line and twice the poverty line); Lower middle income (per capita incomes between twice to four times the poverty line); Middle income class (per capita incomes between four times to ten times the poverty line); Upper middle income (per capita incomes between ten to fifteen times the poverty line); Upper income, but not rich (per capita incomes between fifteen to twenty times the poverty line); and Rich (per capita incomes at least equal to twenty times the poverty line).
Michael 'Mikee' Romero said many underprivileged families could weather the storm and cross the poverty line if the government created more jobs and brought down the underemployment rate from 16.3 in 2017 to below 10 percent.
According to Deputy Majority Leader Michael Romero of 1-Pacman party-list, the country's 'poverty line' is still at P10,969 per month, which means 2 of 10 Filipinos are 'ultra-poor.'
And worryingly one in every six people in Ireland now live on incomes below the poverty line, making up 16.5% of the entire population.
Only about 5 percent of Azerbaijan's population lives below the poverty line.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Feb 1 (ANI): Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday proposed to increase the target of providing free LPG connections to 8 crore women living below the poverty line.
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