poverty line

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a level of personal income defining the state of poverty

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5 percent of the population lives below the poverty line.
New Delhi [India], Feb 1 ( ANI ): Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday proposed to increase the target of providing free LPG connections to 8 crore women living below the poverty line.
A more reasonable poverty line can be the international poverty line of $2 per day.
This approach estimates the food component of the poverty line as the cost of a food bundle attaining a predetermined minimum food energy requirement (of 2,124 Kcal per person per day), and then adds some non-food requirements to the food component in order to yield the total poverty line.
In that year, the absolute poverty line for an urban household in Iran was defined as being around 10 million rials, or about $333 at the open market rate then.
The CBN method determines the poverty line by using minimum consumption bundle comprised of food and non-food essential consumables necessary to live.
The government was committing itself to a greater challenge because 2001 poverty line formula that placed 20 million people poor was outmoded and confusing.
To identify poor families, the government needs to survey family incomes, for comparison with its official poverty line.
7 times higher risk of death compared to black men living above 125 percent of the federal poverty line.
The poverty line has risen from EGP 326 in FY 2012/2013 to EGP 482 in FY 2014/2015, Heba El-Laithy, professor of statistics at Cairo University, told Aswat Masreya.
Social Justice Ireland welcomed the proposal to index welfare rates but insisted these should first be set at the poverty line.
I n the latter half of April, Amitabh Kant, NITI Aayog CEO, made a presentation that said if India could sustain 10 per cent average annual growth till 2032, it would become a $10-trillion economy, create 175 million jobs and, above all, lift its entire population above the poverty line by that year.
He was answering to a calling attention notice, moved by Dr Nikhat Shakeel Khan, Saman Sultana Jafri, Sheikh Salahuddin, Mohammad Muzammil Qureshi and Sufyan Yusuf regarding increase in poverty since sixty million people are living below the poverty line, causing grave concern amongst public.
Poor: Persons in families with incomes up to 125% of the poverty line.
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