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Synonyms for pouter

someone with a habitually sullen or gloomy expression

one of a breed of pigeon that enlarge their crop until their breast is puffed out

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So do English pouters. Yet they are not closely related.
In the Swing Pouter breed, males clap up to as many as 30 times rather than 2 to 3 times as in the rock dove.
Reports from the site deride companies such as Alcoa, American Electric PouTer, ConocoPhillips, General Electric and Marathon Oil for lack of foresight on issues of climate change.
The popular consent, even if misguided, curiously endorses Domhoff's assertion that "classes and class conflict, along with protest and social disruption, have to be taken seriously to understand pouter in America" but only in the sense that the absence of turmoil is a measure of deep satisfaction with things as they are (Domhoff 1990 282); America's ruling elite seems to enjoy pervasive permission.
More pouter than populist, tough-guy Jesse Ventura threw hissy fits instead of roundhouse rights.
It had a metal husk running down the front that made the wearer arch her back and thrust out her chest and rump, the now low-slung bosom assuming a pouter pigeon form.
PETITE POUTER: Not much over 5ft, Natalie has become the dream girl of a generation of teenage boys.
military pouter (power projection, lethal firepower, robust forces) have marginal day-to-day relevance, the reality of U.S.
Edsall, In the Electricity of politics, Nixon Was a Transformer; Party and Pouter Relationships, Wash.
Fletcher, Lecture, Congressional Pouter over the Jurisdiction of Federal Courts: The Meaning of the Word "All" in Article III, 59 DUKE L.J.
The professional pouter, 34, has split up with his Les Miserables beauty Samantha Barks, 23, after dating for just five months.
I can't help noting the effeminate roundedness of the gentlemen and the pigeons and the inflated "bust" of the gentleman in figure 2 modeled on the Pouter pigeon in figure 1.
An Air Force white paper of 1990, Global Reach--Global Pouter, articulated a vision of how the service would contribute to national defense in a changing world.
According to respondents, Jordan is the nation's most excessive pouter, closely followed by Victoria Beckham, above.