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Synonyms for pouring

flowing profusely


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Fresh Paint Studio Lets People Unleash Their Inner Abstract Artist with New Paint Pouring Sessions
Presenting KOINS' PourTECH Automatic Pouring System, featuring the new 3D-Laser.
Integrated line of plural-component meter/ mix/dispense equipment for spraying or pouring from 2 to 240 lb/min.
It seems to be more common in less attentively edited publications, but its chances of ever becoming standard seem somewhat dim--if only because a phrase like 'couples and families pouring over the racks of home viewing choices' calls to mind such strange images, as of cascading couples and fluid families" (Webster's).
A To provide certification that the cast iron metal and pouring process have produced castings that meet customer requirements, it is common for metalcasters to pour keel block or "Y" block molds at prescribed intervals of the casting production cycle from which test bars can be excised.
Positive-displacement metering systems for filled/unfilled materials, vacuum or atmospheric casting, preset shot or continuous pouring. Materials kept under vacuum and agitation for heating and outgassing.
PROBLEMS--Using manual pouring, a significant amount of iron was being poured on top of the mold.
Applications include open mold pouring, casting, and injection.
Individual machines and turnkey systems from Group OMS SpA of Italy include series 2002-C low-pressure foam pouring systems with computer controls, recycling mixheads, rotary mechanical mixers (6000 rpm), and outputs from 3 g/sec to 11 lb/sec.
What followed was a hurricane of interviews with local and national media, facility tours for eager guests and the planning of the historic pouring event, which would bring together dignitaries from the U.S.
Integrated line of plural-component meter/mix/dispense equipment for spraying or pouring from 2 to 240 lb/mm.
For instance, metal handling before and during pouring involves moving furnaces and ladies.