pounds per square inch

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a unit of pressure


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For example, the natural gas distribution pressures, in Karachi, have been brought down to 15 pounds per square inches in the summer and 35 pounds per square inches in winter.
Most concrete floors are four inches thick and capable of holding about 4,000 pounds per square inch. Bechkowiak's concrete can hold 12,000 pounds per square inch, allowing him to make pieces as thin as one-quarter inch.
Scientists said the maximum air pressure on the capsule due to acceleration was 2,500lbs pounds per square inch, compared with 14.7lbs pounds at sea level.
Geared toward designers of mattresses, seats and gripping instruments, the Bodyfitter sensors and software measure body surface pressures at levels as low as 4 pounds per square inch (PSI), and up to 2,000 PSI in industrial applications.
As a result, the machine's 6,350 pound operating weight is distributed down to only 3.6 pounds per square inch of ground pressure.
Flowing tubing pressure is a strong 1,700 pounds per square inch with a rate of 700,000 cubic feet per day on an 8/64 choke, according to the company.
In addition to the programmable output, these sensors also allow the user to select units of pounds per square inch, bar, inches of water, feet of water, millibar, inches of Mercury, meters of water, and kilograms per square centimeter.
* The ability to select units of pounds per square inch, bar, inches of water, feet of water, millibar, inches of mercury, meters of water and kilograms per square centimeter.
For the poll of 1,300 vehicles, Kwik-Fit defined an under-inflated tyre as one being at least three pounds per square inch (psi) under the manufacturer's recommended figure.
The key to his invention is that carbon briquettes have such a complex nanostructure they can store 180 times their own volume of pressured natural gas, or 118g of methane per liter of carbon, at 500 pounds per square inch.
Pulled down by Earth's gravity, these molecules press against your skin with a pressure of 1 atmosphere, or 14.7 pounds per square inch.
According to HCE, hydrogen at this scale can be stored at pressures equal to about 43,500 pounds per square inch, enabling storage, distribution and handling in a manner similar to gasoline.
The planned 850-km orbit was high enough that solar radiation pressure of about 5 micropascals (7 x [10.sup.-10] pounds per square inch) would have helped create a resulting thrust of 0.03 Newton (kilogram meter per second squared).
Made in the United States in conjunction with Centerpoint Manufacturing, Inc., of Theodore, Alabama, the containers have undergone stringent testing that shows them to reduce the pressure from a large charge from 60.47 pounds per square inch (psi) to 7.5 psi at 10 feet.
List, and their collaborators at USDA applied 200 pounds per square inch (psi) of hydrogen gas to batches of soybean oil inside a 2-liter vessel.