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Synonyms for poundage

a charge based on weight measured in pounds

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a fee charged for the recovery of impounded animals

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weight expressed in pounds

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placing private property in the custody of an officer of the law

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I rarely anchor correctly when I am straining due to more poundage than I can comfortably draw, which leads to poor accuracy.
However, as a result of growth in China and India, the Asia-Pacific region offset the declines in most other countries with an increase in poundage. With consumption at just over $7 billion, the Asia-Pacific region led in value with 34% of the global total.
According to plastics economist Bill Wood, the likely prospect for plastics' long-term growth after 2012 is a little above GDP, or probably in the range of 2.5% to 3%/yr in poundage and 3+% in dollar value.
The food bank started the fall season with a 1.2-million pound deficit, but with new donations the agency's current poundage is up.
It's a sad fact that many ladies get so used to wearing huge tents to hide their extra poundage that when the weight finally falls off they have no idea how to dress for their sexy new figures.
We're not entirely sure if we lost any poundage, but we do know that something deserves a heavy collective cosign when Mobolaji says "That's phat." TSD
The novels in Adair's study, however, would all weigh-in at the expected intellectual and physical poundage for such a critical bout, thus no more troubling a potentially troublesome definition.
While 7st 11lb cox Rebecca Dowbiggin will have to carry extra weight to make the minimum poundage allowed, Thorsten Engelmann will be the heaviest competitor in the history of the event.
But all this pales before another weighty issue: the fraught subject of personal poundage. Huckabee tipped the scales at more than 280 pounds just a few years ago; since which, he's lost more than 100 of those, penned a diet book, and become a born-again exerciser and weight-loss advocate.
The emphasis on weight has lead to even more encouragement to lose 'excess' poundage. This itself may be counter-productive.
"There are a couple of them who need to come down on the poundage, but I've only mentioned Robbie because he scored that goal."
In the past few months Hatton has not ruled out a return to the lighter poundage but he has also rejected all suggestions that he will drop the welterweight belt.
Due to their variety in shape, size, poundage, and handle circumference, DBs plug-in readily to strength programs for both genders at every level.
There have been suggestions that the 29-year-old may even have risked her own health by shedding the post-natal poundage so dramatically.