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Synonyms for poundage

a charge based on weight measured in pounds

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a fee charged for the recovery of impounded animals

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weight expressed in pounds

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placing private property in the custody of an officer of the law

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No one's actually going to check, and no one actually cares what poundage your bow is.
In the past few months Hatton has not ruled out a return to the lighter poundage but he has also rejected all suggestions that he will drop the welterweight belt.
Due to their variety in shape, size, poundage, and handle circumference, DBs plug-in readily to strength programs for both genders at every level.
There have been suggestions that the 29-year-old may even have risked her own health by shedding the post-natal poundage so dramatically.
To prevent building up heft, lift more weight when you perform rowing exercises, and then lower the poundage for the smaller muscle groups like the rotator cuff and perform repetitions instead.
When the Swiss first immigrated to Wisconsin, they made their cheese in 200-pound wheels because they were taxed on the number of cheeses they made and not the poundage.
Before business rates were nationalised in 1990 through the implementation of a single uniform business rate or poundage, local authority charges varied by up to three times depending upon the needs of the particular borough.
Celebs like Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson have given in to extreme pressure to be skinny by shedding serious poundage just to look like somebody else's idea of "better.
Although there have been fluctuations from quarter to quarter, the cumulative 2004 figure is almost identical to the total poundage of the three fibers shipped in the year-ago period.
Coleman said while the total poundage of fish in the over-fished categories is limited for both recreational and commercial fishermen, sport anglers often catch more than their allocation because of the lack of timely data on take.
Plastic bottles, which accounted for 77% of plastic-container poundage in 2003, will remain the dominant container type through the decade.
The difficulty of overcoming genetic imperatives, though, hasn't prevented the nation from devoting its tremendous scientific resources to finding a pharmaceutical cure for excess poundage.
Lewis's torso still showed plenty of definition, despite the high poundage, and it was just the weight his handlers had schemed.
Modified, counterbalanced weight stacks with aluminum top plates minimize starting poundage, and the one or two-and-a-half pound integral weight increments eliminate the need for add-ons.
A trigger job is at the customer's request for poundage.