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trap consisting of an arrangement of nets directing fish into an enclosure

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1) Determine if the experimental pound net leader significantly reduces sea turtle interactions when compared to a control leader, and
The four pound net sites were located south of Kiptopeke State Park, Va.
Two vessels were used to monitor the pound net leaders: one equipped with sonar technology; the second responsible for visual monitoring, target investigation, and sea turtle handling.
Total weight of each of the analyzed species for this comparison period was used to calculate catch efficiencies for each pound net site.
Once pound net catch efficiencies were incorporated into the sample data, paired samples from nets fitted with different leaders that had equal fishing effort and were harvested on the same day were used to assess the catch performance of the control and experimental leaders.
The remaining five turtles were found floating dead in the study area not interacting with a pound net.
There is a large breakwater made of scuttled concrete ships just north of Net 1, which has been implicated in creating a large scale disturbance that increases sea turtle and pound net leader interactions (Lutcavage and Musick, 1985).
This turtle was not identified as a target by the sonar technician, and it was postulated that sonar may have missed other small turtles interacting with the pound net gear.
A previous study found that sonar was effective at identifying dead turtles that were larger than 35 cm curved carapace length (CCL) interacting with pound net leaders (Mansfield et al.
Additional pound net sites, a higher allowable sea turtle take, and a coordinated harvest schedule would have greatly increased the strength of these conclusions.
Characterization of the Chesapeake Bay pound net and whelk pot fisheries and their potential interactions with marine sea turtle species.
Summary of 2004 sea turtle pound net leader interaction.
Pound nets are passive, stationary fish harvest devices with three primary components: leader, heart, and pound (Reid, 1955) (Fig.
High capture rates of yearling Atlantic sturgeon by fishermen showed that small sturgeons were highly vulnerable to gill and pound nets, as found by Collins et al.
Later in the spring and summer, pound nets were set for menhaden, croaker (Micropogonias undulatus), and spot (Leiostomus xanthurus), which tend to occur down-estuary.