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Her hair was done and she wore poufy skirts, pearls, and heels--even while vacuuming or cooking a pot roast
Marked by dozens of resource books about the region in Arabic and English, homemade Iraq cookies and oversweet Iraqi tea, along with poufy sofas and colorful carpets, the pavilion goes to great lengths to live up to the exhibition's happy title: "Welcome to Iraq.
As Princess Grace, I wore a fancy, pink, poufy dress and my mom's pearl necklace and a long lace jacket.
The 22-year-old Lawrence, who got to show her lighter side in the oddball romance "Silver Linings Playbook" following serious roles in "Winter's Bone" and "The Hunger Games," gamely laughed at herself as she tripped on the stairs en route to the stage in her poufy, pale pink Dior Haute Couture gown.
This Saturday, the traditional Southern wedding, complete with a horse-drawn carriage and a big poufy princess gown, took place on Litchfield Plantation in Myrtle Beach.
DALLAS CBS Drama, 11pm From the outlandish 80's fashion and poufy hairstyles, to the steamy affairs, boozefuelled catfights, gunfights and car accidents, Dallas is the original super-soap that inspired and gripped a generation, spawning the most notorious cliffhangers of all time, whilst rating the fourth most watched TV programmes of the 80's.
The seventies brought tight miniskirts and more elaborate headpieces, and the eighties ushered in feather boas, bright blue eyeshadow, and poufy everything.
Top high street store Miss Selfridge's latest collection features boho/festival chic, 20s flappers looks, and a black-and-white section which includes vests, poufy skirts and dresses.
Today's fashion savvy teens know better than to show up at prom in a poufy, floor-length confection of tulle.
Suris, the "dread-lock" looking alpaca, is more rare than the Huacayas, the poufy, "teddy bear" looking alpacas, and you can expect to pay more for Suris.
The Elvis sightings in the earlier Heartbreak Hotel, Mystery Train, True Romance, and Forrest Gump have turned into Elvis citings: a jumpsuit here, a poufy hairdo and sideburns there, a "thank yuh verruh much" here, an "Elvis has left the building" there, a postage stamp here, a pink Cadillac there.
Tea manages, heroically, to flatten (and reject) the vaunted power of women, to abandon our poufy roles of icon, muse and temptress--resistance, again.
Jane also raises this very revolutionary idea: Dating in and of itself can be thrilling and fulfilling without the end goal of walking down the aisle in a poufy white dress.