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toilet consisting of a small seat used by young children

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Thus, chances for success are enhanced by familiarizing children with a potty chair, what is involved in toilet use, and how the body feels before using the bathroom, and by providing reminders.
The spirit of Robert Aldrich is alive and well in Harry Bromley-Davenport's "Mockingbird Don't Sing," a sensationalized screen treatment of the headline-grabbing "Genie" case of 1970, in which a 12-year-old Los Angeles girl, chained to an infant's potty chair since birth by her parents, was finally released from her captivity.
She had been in bed all day and told me that she had on a "nice thing instead of panties" that allowed her to just "go" while she was lying in bed instead of having to get up (although there was a potty chair in her room).
The child may simply need a potty chair or may require extensive equipment to enhance mobility such as steps, sides on the toilet, or pull bars.
In the case of fear of falling in, using a potty chair firmly planted on the ground, and then progressive desensitization, practicing sitting while clothed, and reading stories about toileting will gradually work as long as the child is not pressured.
Let him sit on the potty chair fully clothed while a grown-up reads to him.
Risolo-Lynch told them the urine was collected from her daughter's potty chair and used by her husband to pass drug screenings required by probation.
Most children prefer a separate potty chair on the ground rather than a toilet seat adapter.
When the child appears ready for toilet learning (a term that places the responsibility on the child), allow him to decorate the potty chair with stickers.
After choosing and buying the potty chair, start having him or her sit on the potty, clothes on, while you sit on the toilet.
You'll need a child-size potty chair or potty seat.
Start talking about signs of readiness for toilet learning before the child's first birthday, not because the child is ready, but because every child seems to get a potty chair in the mail on that special day.
The bathroom was not situated so a child could be watched from the classroom, and no large potty chair was available; as a result, Amy did not use the toilet all year.
If she is still small enough, you may be able to use a toilet seat or a potty chair, which is less intimidating.
BARBARA NEEDHAM of Laton, California, has shared with us a wonderful solution for helping a child who cannot sit upright on a potty chair.