potter's clay

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clay that does not contain any iron

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However, many stock clay body formulas were originally an individual potter's clay body that the supplier is now mass producing, preferably with the potter's consent.
Whenever clay is mentioned (mainly in the connection "potter's clay") it is only as a paradigmatic example for Aristotle's general theory of matter as mixtures of elements.
He mentions tuff (tophus), meagre gravel (glarea) and unctuous earth (pinguis gleba), further chalky soil (cretosa humus), potter's clay or "argilla" (creta qua utuntur figuli quamque nonnulli argillam vocant), coarse sand (sabulo), and ruddle / red ochre (rubrica).
"Personally I think the best age to do them is between four and six months when babies are gorgeous and chubby and enjoy plunging their hands into the wet potter's clay."
One such is a derelict in the street: the straw in his hair begins to resemble a halo, the face "from so many sunsets" becomes like potter's clay, and his jaded plea for alms transforms itself in the poet's ears to tragic eloquence: "as he begged in this way, I felt that he was asking for talent, yearning for progeny, seeking the meaning of life." Then we are given the key to the author's empathy for this superfluous man: "he too was born in the wrong country, to the wrong woman, in the wrong time."