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Australian rat kangaroos

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How could I not be content here on this farmland in my isolation, with birds and bees and trees unlimited and all the wonderful annoyances such as potoroos and possums devouring any of my unprotected fruit and vegies?
`In contrast, potoroos, bettongs and other "rat kangaroos" have an enlarged stomach, full of the necessary bacteria.
Their work has focussed on laboratory studies of the long-nosed potoroo, a relative of the endangered long-footed potoroo.
Seebeck (1995) estimated the number of mammal species recorded pre-1854 to be 33, bearing in mind that some records of animals such as the bettongs, potoroos, flying-foxes and rats could not be assigned to a particular species.
With the discovery, and subsequent naming, of the Long-footed Potoroo Potorous longipes in 1980, it was thought that Victoria now had three endemic species of mammal, this potoroo, Leadbeater's Possum and the Smoky Mouse Pseudomys fumeus.
Most Australians know of and have seen some kangaroos and koalas, but after those iconic species, know little of planigales, phascogales, potoroos, pademelons and the majority of the nearly 400 species of Australian mammals.
Typically 90% of male Sooty Owl diet comprises individuals with a body weight less than 300 g, which would only incorporate juvenile potoroos and bandicoots (Bilney et al.
One such species was the Long-nosed Potoroo Potorous tridactylus, of which only one juvenile was detected in the diet, and this is the first record of the species ever detected in the Sooty Owl contemporary diet (e.g.
chondrophila in an Australian mammal, Gilbert's Potoroo (33).
chondrophila has been isolated from aborted cattle fetuses in the United States and German (20,32) but has also been detected in an apparently healthy Potoroo in Australia (33).