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an S-shaped hook to suspend a pot over a fire

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Though some critics feared the potentially "mischievous tendency" (18) of analytics (like the intuitionist and disciple of Coleridge and Kant, Sir William Rowan Hamilton, who feared that the Cambridge approach would reduce math "to a mere system of symbols, and nothing more; an affair of pothooks and hangers, of black strokes upon white paper" [Graves 528, italics in original]), Victorian interventions into the discipline nonetheless demonstrated "a manifest tendency toward...
That is barely two years ago--and now here stands Territorial Kantorek, the spell quite broken, with bent knees, arms like pothooks, unpolished buttons and that ludicrous rig-out--an impossible soldier" (176).
He said that children were merely being 'schooled' and not educated, that is, they were taught to a standard that gave them a 'certain acquaintance with the ABC of pothooks and figures', but they were not educated in the sense of developing their latent capacities to make them capable of discharging their duties in life.