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someone who smokes marijuana habitually

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Inside, a ragtag group of potheads, college drop-outs, weekend electronic enthusiasts and Star Trek fans are about to invent the future: the personal computer.
Not that it matters too much, as logic goes out of the window in this puerile comedy in which potheads can ride cheetahs, perform operations and hang-glide.
I remember when I was 10; I went down to the Schwinn shop, which luckily sold skate stuff, and the potheads that worked there told me to buy G&S Footage.
After smoking some extra-special spliffs, a pair of ghetto potheads are accepted into Harvard University, helped by the ghost of a recently-deceased friend who coaches them through their entrance exams.
Justice Defiled: Perverts, Potheads, Serial Killers and Lawyers is a new release from Key Porter Books written by Osgoode Hall law school professor Alan N.
Justice defiled : perverts, potheads, serial killers and lawyers.
LIFE GOES ON: Coneheads (above) and potheads (left) brought a surreal touch to the city centre during previous Arts Alive festivals
Here, Naderites mingled with Hagelinites, potheads with policy wonks, in a combination movement-center and four-day-long celebrity talk show.
Chronic marijuana use may adversely affect job performance, but blown-away potheads are easily spotted in the workplace, as are other heavy dopers.
One competitor even accused us of being redneck potheads.
That said, I think it's ridiculous the police are having to chase a load of potheads around when they could be catching serious criminals.
The biggest thing that came out of the interview was when Chong said that potheads wouldn't miss the old days when it was against the law to take part in their favorite recreational activity.
The latest stoner special written by co-star Seth Rogen, "Pineapple" reunites television's "Freaks and Geeks" alumni as two potheads on the run from murderous crooked cops.