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someone who smokes marijuana habitually

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Say you do run into a crazed pothead, what's the worst thing that's going to happen?
When she answers a knock at the door, no dime-bag-dealing pothead does she find; instead, a well-compensated buzz kill arrives--compliments of Daddy-- bearing copies of the Princeton Review.
He travels to central Ohio on a search for traces of John Chapman, known to schoolchildren as Johnny Appleseed; to Amsterdam, the center of the 17th-century Dutch tulip craze and, more recently, the city where pothead botanists have developed highly fortified marijuana; and to the St.
If the film has enough texture and subversive humour to satisfy any pothead, it's also analytical enough to give Noam Chomsky a good buzz.
Tenders are invited for receipt of equipment/ material at site, inspection, verification, erection, testing, commissioning and handing over of 400kv pothead yard of mangdechhu hydroelectric project (4x180mw), trongsa, bhutan
But for Oregonian pothead Tony Greenhand, 26, his love of weed has seen him become the world's first ganja-preneurs.
I matured and moved on to arty pothead guys" Actress Jenny Slate, whose date disclosed to her the ending of a film in advance "Britain is eating its way to obesity and struggling to do anything about it" Outspoken Apprentice star Katie Hopkins "Every single male trade unionist is now a born-again feminist.
THIS dopey pothead almost burned his house down by turning a cupboard into a fire-hazard so he could grow his own cannabis supply.
Seth Rogen is process server and pothead Dale, who buys all his drugs from amiable Saul (James Franco).
Damian's "disjointed investigation" brings him into contact with several unsavory characters including a Las Vegas mobster a pothead reporter a "double-dipping" girlfriend a deadbeat father a shady trainer and a twisted sports psychologist who's writing a book on the "dark side" of superstar athletes including Damian as "the gladiator athlete" known to be "competitive to a fault.
Things go downhill from there, as we visit a Dutch pothead who heads a cannabis cult.
Richard Linklater's coming-of-age comedy set in the 1970s features the classic high school pothead played by Rory Cochrane whose take on history is informed by his leafy hobby: He insists George and Martha Washington regularly got high together.
And so, as The Wire for white suburban moms drops its third season on DVD, I call for an expansion of weed humor's boundaries, a way to look at potheads in a broader and more multiplistic sense, to break the chains of pothead vilification.
Another chum, Van (Jaden Leigh), is such a pothead that he has smoked his own blanket, and Van's sister (Megan McNulty) is institutionalized.
Oh, and the hilarious Canadian spoof book Hairy Pothead and the Marijuana Stone.