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someone who smokes marijuana habitually

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She said: "I'm not a pothead, I just think it's funny we legalise something as destructive as alcohol or pills and not marijuana.
Jeff is a 30-year-old unemployed pothead who lives in the basement of his exasperated mother's house.
Come On Eileen (15) FORMER dancer and recovering alcoholic Eileen enters into a new relationship with pothead former cricketer Bill.
Effie serenades Nora about her eccentric classmates and professors, her master's thesis, her relationship with a lazy, pothead grad student, the murders terrorizing a local retirement home, lost dogs, and a female stalker.
The unapparent yet intimate relationship between the ceramic vessel and architecture has led to the making of a body of work that embodies both the spirit of Africa and that of a long gone Aztec world, as can be seen in the constructed 'pothead' forms.
Gischel is not a young pothead he's a retired nuclear engineer once in the headlines as a whistle-blower on the Three Mile Island meltdown cleanup project.
It's a throwback to the Cheech and Chong pothead comedies of the '70s crossed with the buddy action movies of the '90s.
At first, everyone thinks he is a pothead, but as his behavior worsens, they realize that he has deeper problems.
Thus, Jocelyn embraces the spirit of Emma in her courtship of Grigg and Prudie sees herself in Fanny Price, especially the strained relationship with her pothead mother (Redgrave).
Billy figures there are three real suspects: Lisa's controlling father, her pothead boyfriend, or her deadbeat stepbrother.
However, Allen reserves her finest comic skewering for her pothead brother Alfie, on the closing track: "You need to get a job because the bills need to get paid/ Get off your lazy arse/ Alfie, please use your brain,/ Surely there's some wall out there that you can spray/ I'm feeling guilty for leading you astray/ Now how the hell do you expect that you'll get laid?/ When all you do is stay and play on your computer games."
Throwing Beatles-esque rock, synth-pop, country, and you-name-it into the stylistic blender, the irresistible Traffic and Weather captures the quiet desperation and occasional triumphs of ordinary people, including the lonely guy hitting on a clerk at the DMV, the Long Island waitress who flees to Europe on a whim, and the cheerful pothead subsisting on Doritos and Oliver Stone movies.
A sterling space cadet performance by Anna Fads floats the genial if slight pothead comedy "Smiley Face," a distaff "Dude, Where's My Car?" Those who welcomed the new "mature" Gregg Arald's "Mysterious Skin" last year may be nonplussed by this follow-up, his most unabashedly silly effort.
IS NO ONE GOING TO SAY that Robert Altman was a great pothead? Let me, then.
We may hope our elected representatives will either exempt a pothead from pinpoint searches, lighten his punishment to compensate for the new ease of capturing him, or even abandon their long-running war on him altogether.