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Synonyms for potful

the quantity contained in a pot


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The donation allows each customer to pick a tab from a potful sitting on a nearby table.
Cook it in a potful of oil, slather on butter or the fake butter used in many movie theaters, pour on the salt; eat it as "kettle corn" cooked in oil and sugar - and popcorn can become a nutritional nightmare loaded with fat and calories.
My buddy, Virgil, once brewed a potful with muddy river water, complete with rocks and twigs stirred up by his bare feet.
Candy is a sparkling and up-to-date teen heroine with a potful of attitude and a yen for excitement.
Inter Milan boss Jose Mourinho has hailed "the deal of the summer" after the Italian champions somehow got prolific Cameroon striker Samuel Eto'o andndash; and Aleksandr Hleb, and a potful of cash andndash; in exchange for Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
The horrid water-up-the-nose feeling you know from the swimming pool is eliminated by matching body temperature and salinity: the water should feel blood-warm and have about a quarter teaspoon of salt per potful.
You will only need to prepare a small potful, as it is exceedingly sweet.
BIG BLOOMER: A large potful of winter plants will transform your garden Pictures: ROGER ALLEN
Best to avoid coffee by the potful if you're scheduled for some touchy negotiations with the hospital administration.
In the midst of spooning a potful of banana into the mouth of my beaming baby, a lump of slimy fruit lodged behind my left ear.
But then again with a potful of money it's not hard to please a lot of people.