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increase the effect of or act synergistically with (a drug or a physiological or biochemical phenomenon)

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Rest intervals may also influence performance following a potentiating stimulus.
This design allowed for the determination of the effectiveness of back squats as a potentiating exercise in both men and women, given that previous research has reported individual responses in the timing of the potentiation response and few studies have analyzed the response of men and women separately.
She examines both enduring and transient factors and their respective potentiating and compensatory elements, noting that the rates of reporting of maltreatment in the US and Iceland are roughly equivalent.
In the experiments described here, the sGC inhibitor ODQ and the protein kinase-G inhibitor Rp-8-CPT-cGMPS blocked the potentiating effect of [H.
Aerobic exercise also decreases lower esophageal sphincter press ure, potentiating reflux esophagitis as another possible source of bleeding.
These pressures have been shown to exert a significant potentiating effect on reflux.
transcranial ultrasound probe on the one hand to monitor the effectiveness of intravenous thrombolysis in large cap cerebral artery, then it can be used therapeutically for the trombotrypse - potentiating effect of intravenous thrombolysis for cerebral artery recanalization.
Pharmacy and Therapeutic Advisory Consultancy Pty LTD (Melbourne, Australia) has patented a method of potentiating the activity of antibacterial agents that act on bacterial cell walls, comprising the step of administering to a subject an antibacterial agent and an aminoglycoside to attain a peak concentration of at least 4 mg/l of aminoglycoside and thereafter maintaining the aminoglycoside at a concentration of up to 4 mg/l for at least 1 hour.