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Synonyms for potentiality

the inherent capacity for growth or development


Synonyms for potentiality

the inherent capacity for coming into being

an aptitude that may be developed

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The Chief Minister said that his government has already formed a task force to develop the already identified sites on tourism lines and also discover new sites having the potentiality to be explored on tourism lines in Swat, Chitral, Malakand, Hazara etc.
In order to resolve these problems I will explore the Aristotelian notion of potentiality which, as a comprehensive tool, can help us to find an intermediate level of reality between being and not-being.
He maintained there will be no difficulty "about the same thing being one and many, provided they are not opposites; for the one is both in potentiality (dunamei) and in fulfillment (entelecheiai)." (12) By the same token, a single fulfillment can have more than one potential.
Our potentiality and capacity should, therefore, be upgraded through promotion to attract higher number of international tourists.
Agamben, bare life, biopolitics, potentiality, development, Obama
Because the conditions defined by the factors potentiality and time were not matched in stimulus length in characters, word frequency, verb form complexity, verb form frequency, and so on, we cannot make predictions regarding main effects nor interactions between factors other than response side.
Among their topics are the impossibility of governing society, welfare organizations as infinite potential, searching for possibilities between disciplines and codes, citizens as a resource, and the potentiality state.
This contraposition will remain a constant of the hidden dialogue between the two: as Agamben develops his concepts of infancy, Voice, and potentiality, Derrida's displacement of presence, differance--which Attell addresses in a reading of Speech and Phenomena (1967) among other texts--becomes for Agamben the sign of the incapacity of western thought to go beyond the threshold of metaphysics.
A World of Wandering and Potentiality in a Latin American Novel: A Conversation with Gisela Heffes
Synopsis: The term dunamis (potentiality) entered into the philosophical vocabulary with Plato, but it was with Aristotle that it acquired, together with energeia (actuality), the strong technical meaning that the two terms have maintained, with variations, throughout subsequent philosophical tradition.
This article hopes to develop Agamben's initial comments and observations on studying by (a) demonstrating the relationship between study and the experience of potentiality, (b) elaborating on Agamben's own example of Bartleby the Scrivener as the paradigmatic studier, and (c) gesturing toward a collective, public form of study which Agamben neglects to address.
In short, just as the wave function in the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics is a wave of probability of places in which the electron might be found, our spirit function is all of our potentiality, limited as probability by our historicity and interrelatedness.