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the difference in electrical charge between two points in a circuit expressed in volts

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Potential differences in conditional probability values (see Figure 4) were examined using separate analyses of variance with delay interval instruction, length of delay, and iterative responding as between-subject variables and laboratory component as the within-subjects variable.
Variability in maturation rates and potential differences in performance as athletes age can pose a challenge for recruiting coaches.
It's true that such studies should adjust for potential differences in characteristics between bisphosphonate users and nonusers, based on differences in bone mineral density.
Potential differences in mean scores on the laboratory examinations were examined using an analysis of variance with feedback condition and IR as between-subject factors and laboratory examination as the within-subjects factor.
Focusing on nationally-representative information about elementary schools, principals, and teachers, the study compares differences between schools with high proportions of LEP students and schools with fewer and no such students to examine potential differences among the schools educating the nation's young.
The study was limited by its small sample size, which precluded adjusting for potential differences between the individual negative interpretations of the visual cue (for example, fear, anger, and disgust) as well as for other variables that might be linked to medication adherence.
The current findings suggest potential differences in susceptibility to these exposures for children, regardless of whether the mother has asthma.
'Do not underestimate the potential differences because they can be very significant - recent company failures are promptinganalysts and investors to take a much closer look at financial reporting and they are likely to be more unsettled in future by surprises.'
Our trees will be all planted in common soils and will have access to plenty of water, eliminating potential differences in water and nutrient access.
Potential differences in mean scores (see Figure 2) were examined using a 3 (feedback group) X 2 (IR) X 5 (classroom examination) ANOVA, with significance observed for neither the main effects nor their interactions, all F < 1, all p > .5.
We also investigated potential differences in the impact of OTL on performance between ELs and non-ELs.
The US and the European Union have potential differences over the strategy for ending the crisis in the Middle East, EU external affairs commissioner Chris Patten (below) acknowledged yesterday.
Objective: An eeg calibration toolkit for monitoring rehabilitation of stroke patientseeg records electric potential differences from electrodes attached to the human skin.
This provision allows a better distribution of rip currents and limits the potential differences between sections of track.
"This report identifies over 50 potential differences between current UK accounting and the international standard.
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