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the difference in electrical charge between two points in a circuit expressed in volts

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These were then used to calculate the electric potential difference between the two electrodes [20].
USDA-ARS scientists examined whether the microbiological profiling of imported beef trim by US industry and government inspectors adequately addresses the potential differences between foreign and domestic beef in terms of cleanliness and safety--hygienic status and pathogen presence.
To further adjust for potential differences between trials, outcomes were compared relative to the corresponding placebo arms after applying propensity weights and before comparing across trials.
She concluded reasons for gender differences in ventricular arrhythmias and potential differences in the impact of device therapy on outcome are currently unclear and warrant further investigation.
The price could still be adjusted to reflect potential differences between the estimated balance sheet immediately before completion of the deal and the actual balance sheet at completion, the buyer said.
Indeed, the potential differences for America are elsewhere, and have yet to be adequately understood by voters.
And his potential differences with German chancellor Angela Merkel could led to further breakdowns in euro zone talks and more delays in solving the problem.
To control for potential differences in cardiovascular disease risk between exposed and nonexposed study subjects, the investigators assigned each subject a summary cardiovascular risk score at baseline.
In addition, the analysis examined potential differences in a museum's overall experience in applying to the MFA program, a museum's history of receiving MFA project grants, and when an application was submitted.
It successfully tackles the area of potential differences that might arise in adopting a 'kid' that might be different to what you might be expecting.
The Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes (ACNFP) concluded any potential differences were unlikely to exist beyond the second generation.
Members concluded any potential differences between cloned animals and conventional animals was unlikely to exist beyond the second generation.
In the suggested transistor, the performance can be analyzed easily by setting various potential differences.
Future detailed analyses of the relationship between waist circumference and visceral adipose tissue or measures of insulin resistance within categories of BMI could identify biological reasons for potential differences in the strength of the association between waist circumference and mortality.
Although epidemiologic evidence tends to support that hypothesis, it has proven difficult to untangle the complex web of exposure effects, stressors, and mechanisms behind the potential differences in susceptibility.
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