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a bulbous stove in which wood or coal is burned

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As the leader of the Potbelly Sandwich Works chain since June 2008, Lewis is focused on expanding the growing chain into a franchised business model and enhancing its value proposition to customers.
She seems to have accumulated a pad of fat over her spine, and it even appears that she's developing quite a potbelly.
The Potbelly Syndrome: How Common Germs Cause Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart Disease" presents a new conclusion regarding a metabolic disorder that affects at least one third of adults in industrialized countries.
You can no longer see or feel his ribs, he seems to have accumulated a pad of fat over his spine and he's developing quite a potbelly.
I did think his T-shirts were a little tight across his potbelly and occasionally have undone the top button on his jeans.
Gateway has the Drexel Gateway Theatre and large national chains including Potbelly Sandwich Works, as well as locally owned and operated places like Lave, a source of handmade natural bath products overseen by Columbus entrepreneur Lisa Karst.
Farrueo, with his potbelly and mesmerizing gaze, tames his audience like the horse trader his father was.
We're more sensitive now to the melancholia that moves in and out of the space of the artist's clowning and takes hold in images of his bandaged head, his potbelly, his aging body.
I think they went overboard with the potbelly, though.
The H-45 replaces the old potbelly M-1941, Designed to heat the General Purpose and TEMPER tents, it burns liquid (JP 8 and diesel) and solid fuels,
The reality was the potbelly stove in a tar shack or one-room schoolhouse with no heat, no books, nothing.
A sturdy, blue-collar thoroughfare that isn't afraid to breathe deeply and let its potbelly show - to slide on worn boots and grab a hot mug of coffee and trudge to work along a familiar path every day.
I don't think that anyone wants to see an old guy with a potbelly," he said.
After one of my father's friends made a good-natured jibe about my "nice little potbelly," I worried for months about my stomach and tried to keep it covered all the time.
The police department frequently fields calls from residents complaining about errant llamas, potbelly pigs, and sheep.