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a bulbous stove in which wood or coal is burned

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"As part of our strategy to hone our focus on the turnaround of our core business and exit international markets, this quarter we closed six international shops, leaving one remaining international shop, which is in the Middle East," Thomas Fitzgerald, chief financial officer at Potbelly said during the company's earnings call.
Along with works held in several private collections, Desiree's talents are commissioned, including illustrated children's books Splash Puddle Splash and Are You Listening Potbelly? written by Ellen S Cromwell.
Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia samples a milkshake during a news conference to pick a milkshake for the upcoming World Meeting of Families, Monday, March 9, 2015, at a Potbelly Sandwich Shop in Philadelphia.
I was the guy who bought an old potbelly stove and hooked it into the dormant coal chimney at my South Side apartment--feeding it with scraps from my woodworking projects and cut up chunks of American elm that the park district left at the curbs for the Sanitation Department to dispose of.
But his bald patch, potbelly and trademark checked shirt and jeans combo gave him away to diners at E&O in Notting Hill, West London.
Buy a Tesla with Bitcoins, drive it to Potbelly, twerk through the front door as you take a selfie to share on SnapChat.
The potbelly stove, based on improvements to Benjamin Franklin's metal-lined fireplace, the "Franklin Stove," became a popular wood-burning heat source in the United States during the 1800s.
That hard work involves being physically fit, so the judges frequently found themselves politely declining the aspiring male models who showed up sporting a potbelly; an unusually high number of men turned out for this casting.
The actor playing Christian Grey, the stud of the book, has a potbelly for example.
And if you have hunger pangs, drop by at the city's only Bihari restaurant, The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe, which has lined up a new range of desserts -- makhana kheer, egg halwa and chhena jalebi .
The Potbelly in Shahpur Jat in South Delhi is a sunny, colourful caf?
"He has a potbelly, and he spends most of his time sitting around and eating, indulging in women day and night, and killing people.
All right, maybe it's schadenfreude or maybe I miss The Dude, but I confess: I like looking at Sandra Bullock in a bikini and derive satisfaction that Keanu Reeves has a potbelly, too.
Here is a description of the older cousin, Potbelly (the name indicates her advanced state of pregnancy and also her appetite for food and cooking), as she lies in bed next to her stolid, solid husband, a prosperous manufacturer of prosaic nuts and bolts, of German descent but a follower of the Dalai Lama.