potato bug

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black-and-yellow beetle that feeds in adult and larval stages on potato leaves

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He lifts up his nose and chomps like a guinea sucking down a potato bug, his long beard flapping.
The potato bug, also known as the Jerusalem cricket, drew the most cringes.
I also found that white flowered geraniums ward off Japanese beetles and that nasturtium repels squash bugs, white flies, and the Colorado potato bug.
I was reminded of this last year when I was diligently picking off all the potato bug larvae I could find (into a glass jar part filled with water) when I noticed several different small shield type bugs attached to the potato larvae.
But I'd like to focus on the much smaller critters that somehow, and often inexplicably, have managed to get inside our house over the years--mice, frogs, potato bugs, flies, fleas, mosquitoes, you name it--and what we have done about them (if anything).
Casey has creepy dreams about demon fetuses and hears an ominous knocking behind her bath room mirror; breaking eggs one morning, she's startled to find giant potato bugs in her skillet.
Mint is useful against ants and white cabbage moth, rosemary deters carrot flies and bean beetles, and horseradish helps against potato bugs.
Rotenone kills potato bugs and other beetles but has recently been linked to central nervous system diseases, so we have stopped using it.
Every potato grower since Abel has no doubt asked the question, "What do potato bugs live on before my potato vines poke their tender little leaves up through the soil?
For example, planting scallions beside rows of potatoes- the onions will be mature before the potatoes need the room and they will also help deter pesky potato bugs.