potato blight

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a blight of potatoes

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The potato blight trial; and, right, farmers discuss the genomic testing of dairy heifers at the Plough Inn, St Asaph
One whole section of the book relates the rise (and fall and re-rise) of the potato, which began its life as a staple of the diet of the Inca peoples of South America, and eventually conquered Europe, before an over-reliance on the tuber led to the Irish potato blight, which caused horrific famine in Ireland and other countries in the middle of the 19th century.
At that time, only a few varieties of potatoes existed for planting and all were subject to potato blight.
A Potato blight is a serious disease and can destroy whole crops.
A strain of this fungal disease caused the 1845-51 potato blight in Ireland.
Washington, September 10 (ANI): An international team of scientists has decoded the full genetic sequence, or genome, of Phytophthora infestans, which is a water mold that causes the serious potato disease known as late blight or potato blight.
Watch out for potato blight, especially if the weather is warm and damp.
Potato vines and cucumber vines do not make good neighbors, as their close proximity to each other will lead to potato blight.
First the potato blight destroys their crops and with them, the hopes and dreams of the villagers who depended upon them.
Also presented is a riveting account of the consequences of a potato blight in 1840s Ireland, which forced migration of millions to England and North America.
He explains the biological and political roots of the Irish potato blight, the devastation wrought by cholera and smallpox in crowded cultures struggling to urbanize, the influenza that killed 22 million of the most healthy, the bubonic plague that killed 80 to 100 million but resulted in a seller's labor market, the tuberculosis and syphilis that felled great and low alike, and the scourges called malaria, yellow fever, and AIDS that also raised social awareness.
First published in 1965, Mushrooms, Molds, and Miracles is a classic text exploring the true stories behind the fungi kingdom, from the potato blight that ravaged Ireland to the hallucinogenic properties of the LSD mushroom to the bread mold that produced penicillin and the truffle prized as a delicacy.
The GMO potatoes, which have been developed to be resistant to potato blight, will not be used for food or animal feed.
The cool and moist weather could lead to potato blight - one of the most serious potato diseases in the world - if the moisture hangs on the leaves too long and temperatures land at the right level.
In the UK cases of potato blight have been reported and lack of moisture in the ground could well result in poor quality crops and low yields.