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I saw it in the kitchen myself when I was getting the potato sacks with which I reconstructed a mediaeval hermit.
Dorothy screamed and expected to see a terrible sight; but as the two halves of the Sorcerer fell apart on the floor she saw that he had no bones or blood inside of him at all, and that the place where he was cut looked much like a sliced turnip or potato.
She did this in the same way one would pepper a baked potato, and the powder sifted down from Jack's head and scattered over the red shirt and pink waistcoat and purple trousers Tip had dressed him in, and a portion even fell upon the patched and worn shoes.
An old man, with his face turned to the sea, was making a weary attempt at digging upon a small potato patch.
The grey, hot mist, the whitewashed cabin, the long, ugly potato patch, the weird, pathetic figure of that old man from whose brain the light of life had surely passed for ever.
Trent smoked, and Monty, who had apparently forgotten all about his visitor, plodded away amongst the potato furrows, with every now and then a long, searching look towards the town.
he added, pointing to some potato vines that showed up from under the snow.
Chiloe -- General Aspect -- Boat Excursion -- Native Indians -- Castro -- Tame Fox -- Ascend San Pedro -- Chonos Archipelago -- Peninsula of Tres Montes -- Granitic Range -- Boat-wrecked Sailors -- Low's Harbour -- Wild Potato -- Formation of Peat -- Myopotamus, Otter and Mice -- Cheucau and Barking-bird -- Opetiorhynchus -- Singular Character of Ornithology -- Petrels.
The wild potato grows on these islands in great abundance, on the sandy, shelly soil near the sea-beach.
He turned up, under a load of soil, something that did not look like a potato, but rather like a monstrous, over-domed mushroom.
2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- No longer just an autumn and holiday favorite, Souplantation has decided to make the nutritious California sweet potatoes it buys from a family farm founded by legendary "Sweet Potato Joe" a permanent menu item available every evening.
So it's best to choose the right potato for the style of dish you are making.
Because when you mash a fully cooked potato, you unleash a ton of gummy starch.
The global and China potato flour industry report provides basic information on potato flour including its definition, classification, application and industry chain structure as well as industry overview.
It wasn't until the early 1500s that the potato became known to Europe as a result of Spanish explorers returning home with the strange edible.