pot belly

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I began tying up Pot Belly Pigs - they got the name because the angler who invented them used bristles from a Vietnamese potbellied pig - with wild boar bristles for the first time this season.
But it was the Pot Belly support group - sandwiched in there between Parkinson's and Prostate - that really captured my attention.
Six answers and more means 'well done' but come and learn more at The Pot Belly Stove Shop.
He is described as white, in his 30s with a large build, about 5' 10'' tall, with a pot belly and dark hair.
THE Hoops design on his Celtic shirt was always going to make Neil Lennon look fat, but it seems he may indeed have a wee pot belly.
So while you're on your travels, if you see a small-ish guy, with a distinctive beard and a pot belly wandering the streets, take pity on him and give him a ride.
Elaine Magill and Keith Hawthorne from Belfast reviewed the food at The Pot Belly Restaurant, situated at Banbridge Road, Tullylish, County Down.
Pot belly dangers The culprit is fat stored round your middle.
Certain foods are far more likely to cause bloating and a pot belly.
And she even displayed a bit of a pot belly - but Tony didn't seem to mind one bit as she rubbed suntan lotion all over his thighs.