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a man who delivers the mail

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A postwoman for 10 years, Ms Pettit said there had also been a number of near misses through the letter box.
Royal Mail spokeswoman Jennifer Bird said the regular postwoman had experienced a number of "swooping attacks" in Muirfield Road.
Mandy, who has been a postwoman for nine years, said: "I had heard her scream, and ran over.
Mrs Weir, a retired postwoman, lives in the two-bedroom ground-floor maisonette with her son Eamon, who is her unpaid carer.
IN THE POST: Postman and postwoman David and Susan Haigh with the Slaithwaite box which is to star on the new 90p stamp
Postwoman Pauline Eastment has raised pounds 23,000 for charity through activities like skydives
99 from newsagents); Postwoman Sybil Davies of Coedpoeth braves a snowdrift to make sure her mail reaches its destination.
A baby that fell from a secondstorey window was caught by a passing postwoman in a million-toone chance.
Another poet, Patrick Ashanti, writes all his own material, inspired by not only his own life but the life of his mother, Veta, who worked as a postwoman during the 1970s, and his late father, Eddie, who left Jamaica to come and find work in the city's car factories.
A DYSLEXIC postwoman has been convicted of keeping the letters she was meant to deliver as she found the job too stressful, it emerged yesterday.
But two years ago, Weir managed to persuade a jury he only used ecstasy to improve his sex life with postwoman wife Fiona.
Sheila Neece said that her husband Doug wasn't well-endowed enough to be seen from any distance and that there was no way that he could be guilty of flashing at a postwoman.
POSTWOMAN Ann Mckay was upset when she lost her rucksack after completing a gruelling charity walk.
RESIDENTS from a Swansea Valley community who haven't had their mail delivered in more than a week after a postwoman was "cornered" by a large dog are calling for the animal to be impounded.
Postwoman Silvette Villaud raised the alarm after getting no response when she rang the bell at the house in Saint-Antoine-de Breuilh, Dordogne, in south west France.