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belonging to the period after a war


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Though drawing on the considerable previous research, his study breaks new ground by rooting the place of migration in nation-building projects, thus offering a compelling window into early postwar politics.
He concludes: "Regionalism and globalism made clear that geography and how it is perceived played a central and largely unexamined role in framing the postwar grand strategies" of Great Britain and the United States (262-63).
The book's focus on the post-1945 period is a welcome update to the now-landmark 1993 collection Postwar Japan as History, which set the parameters of postwar Japanese historiography over the subsequent two decades.
In Civic Engagement in Postwar Japan, Rieko Kage explores how war-tom societies bounced back from war devastation by focusing on Japan in the wake of World War II.
Challenging simplistic categorizations of the postwar period in Japan is the stated goal of Emmanuel Lozerand's essay on three intellectuals writing in the years immediately following the defeat: Sakaguchi Ango, Takeda Taijun, and Takeuchi Yoshimi.
The report establishes a national historic context, or narrative history, of residential properties of the postwar era and outlines methodologies for streamlining survey and evaluation of those properties for eligibility for listing in the National Register.
In recent years, domestic and international reformers have (re)designed state institutions in postwar countries such as East Timor, Burundi, Afghanistan, and Bosnia to promote sustainable peace and democracy--with mixed results.
The dollar hit new postwar lows against the yen for three straight days through Thursday amid the European debt crisis and the smaller-than-expected scale of additional credit easing by the Bank of Japan to arrest the yen's sharp appreciation.
This post-war loan was to help Britain through the consequences of postwar adjustment rather than the war itself.
Adopting a "stereoscopic" perspective that bridges the two halves of the 20th century (20), Kapczynski delves into the multiple layers of bio-political rhetoric and intertextual connections that have influenced postwar constructions of the "German Patient.
Comin and Hobijn investigate the remarkable postwar growth experiences of 39 Western European countries and Japan, all of whom had varying degrees of involvement in WWII.
compares postwar reconstruction in Iraq with postwar reconstruction in Japan in order to understand why US officials believed that extensive social re-engineering aimed at seeding liberal democracy and economic development is replicable.
Twenty per cent of the population of Britain is either Irish or claims to have Irish ancestry, and in the majority of instances this can be traced to postwar Irish emigration to Britain, particularly the exodus of the 1950s.
Christopher Dummitt, The Manly Modern: Masculinity in Postwar Canada (Vancouver: UBC Press 2007)
In recent years, historical scholarship has paid due attention to the lives of Holocaust survivors and the rebuilding of Jewish communities in postwar Europe, and a great number of articles, edited volumes, and monographs has been published.