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someone who behaves in a manner calculated to impress or mislead others

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I'm a fan of Led Zeppelin, but were I to meet Robert Plant I feel I would manage not to say: "I've heard you attacked as a long-haired posturer who screams like a girl because his jeans are too tight, but don't worry, I defended you."
In straighter roles, Gregory Linington is consistently funny as Jack Rover, a theatrical posturer with a heart of gold, and Jeff Cummings makes good use of limited stage time as Harry, Sir George's son.
He was born in London in 1860, christened George Galvin, and when he was four he was on stage, billed as "Little George, the Infant Wonder, Contortionist and Posturer."
Many came to perceive the texts of life and novel inseparable: the flamboyant dresser and public posturer looked like and drew life from the characters in his novel.