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(Roman Catholic Church) someone who proposes or pleads for a candidate for beatification or canonization

someone who assumes or takes something for granted as the basis of an argument

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cfm) six-figure costs necessary for those who support the cause to fund an investigation and hire a postulator.
This did not seem to concern the postulator unduly, and I can only assume that since the church has done away with the Devil's Advocate, it will be left to For the Sake of Silence to play that role.
The Postulator prepares the case--a copy of which is given to all parties and witnesses The Promoter of the Faith prepares an examination of witnesses and writings.
For the intents and purposes of this article, a postulate is a proposition that is not proved or demonstrated but considered to be self-evident, and a postulator is someone who articulates such a proposition as the basis of an argument.
With great shrewdness, he emphasized the special value of the catalog presented in the process of canonization by Bartholomew of Capua, the Chief Notary of the Kingdom of Sicily and friend of the Postulator William of Tocco.
Despite the role that her future postulator had in the production of all these documents, Bell contends that their "essence remained" that of "Gemma Galgani, not merely Father Germano's fashioned Saint Gemma" (171).
The apostolic process was initiated by Vicente Rodriguez Valencia in 1972 and continued after his death by the new Postulator for the Cause for the Canonization of Queen Isabel the Catholic, the reverend Anastasio Gutierrez, according to the International Committee for the Canonization of Servant of God Queen Isabel the Catholic of Spain.
What was assumed as given has been shown to be contingent--contingent on the given, on who postulated that particular given, and on the historical, economic, political, social, racial, and/or gender context in which the postulator or postulators did his or her or their postulating.
Piecemeal supernaturalism conceives of a transcending but immanent power that is, in addition, a postulator of new facts in the wo rld.
That sponsor would champion the cause of a bishop wannabe, much the same way the postulator champions the cause of sainthood.
the postulator charged by the Vatican to assemble arguments in favor of the pope's beatification, and by Father Robert A.
73), and meets the current Vice Postulator (advocate) for the cause of Serra's sainthood, Fr.
A postulator - or examiner - is chosen to head an investigation.
A professional postulator -- a church official who investigates reported miracles-- Shore is still smarting from being burned on an earlier case in which he destroyed the faith of an entire community, left his own faith hanging by a thread and earned himself the epithet the Miracle Killer.