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Synonyms for postulational

of or relating to or derived from axioms

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The interbehavioral system was constructed as a fully postulational system making it directly available for scrutiny at every level.
Mathematicians solved these inherent dilemmas by stating explicitly their undefined terms in their postulational systems, terms which label nothing but occurrences on the silent levels.
Finally it is an articulation of sub-systems (e.g., interpretative, investigative, applied), as distinct from the more general and inclusive postulational framework, though in keeping with it.
When we drag it through the "experience" of its own postulational thinking, the moral self-intuition is shown not to be an "intuition" at all.
A historical introduction to the postulational foundations of experimental epistemology.
"Introduction to a Structural Calculus: A Postulational Statement of Alfred Korzybski's non-Aristotelian Linguistic System," General Semantics Bulletin, Nos.
"Moral Perception"--or the "Moral World-View"--is an even more interesting (and instructive) case, because the postulational approach to ethics that Kant fathered has collapsed under the weight of criticism (I think).
(Paulson, 1983.) For Korzybski, "all human knowledge is postulational in structure and therefore mathematical." (1925, p.22.) And as mathematicians have shown, the results obtained through their analyses depend heavily on the form of representation used.
One way of achieving this would be by stressing the postulational nature of affirmations.
The Sign level encompasses postulational and near-postulational systems, including but not limited to mathematical theories, linguistic theories, physico-mathematical theories, the theoretical aspects of chemistry and biology, etc.