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Synonyms for postulation

something taken to be true without proof

Synonyms for postulation

(logic) a declaration of something self-evident


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a formal message requesting something that is submitted to an authority

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The results will show whether the "too big to fail" postulation is valid even during a crisis period.
Thirty tester cultivars with known Yr genes were used for gene postulation, including the world differentials, European differentials, partly Chinese differentials and others.
Nine will go to post for the Oaks over a mile and a quarter, the same trip as the Belmont Derby, in which Pat Smullen will be on board Dermot Weld's Postulation.
What's interesting is the postulation that LG's smart watch will function more like Google Glasses, an implementation we are incredibly curious about.
This sort of postulation is what climate scientists call "attribution"--how a specific weather event can be attributed to a particular cause in a global climate system that is very capable of producing extreme events from time to time on its own.
The book describes various concepts of bonding by first presenting the experimental results which led to their postulation, followed by molecular-orbital-based reasoning based on perturbation theory within a one-electron model.
Ermida finds the following Raskin and Attardo GTVH postulation too reductive to describe the humor potential of complex narratives: "The study of humorous texts reduces then to the location of all lines (jab and punch) along the text vector (sic) i.
The level of postulation in such labels is massive, and what's sad is that Rick could probably change this woman's opinion with one trip to the range.
La postulation de Morsi comme suppleant est bien calculee par la Confrerie.
Mathematics is essentially a structured hierarchy of proposition forged by logic on a postulation base.
It is easier to appreciate the feasibility of this straightforward explanation than to imagine what the mechanistic basis of a homologous hypnozoite relapse postulation for renewed parasitaemia might be.
He argues that the postulation of a Hawking-Penrose singularity suggested a beginning of the universe, but that this was mitigated by subsequent inflationary models that opened the possibility of out universe initially existing as one of a multiplicity of possible universes within a theoretical multiverse.
It is also curious to note, in relation to this second series, how the essay turns back upon itself as it ends: after explaining the third type of postulation, Borges returns to the second, saying that it is actually the most literary of the three, since it "usually functions by sheer syntax, sheer verbal intelligence" (98).
affirms this point by scattering occasional, insightful Christian reflections somewhat haphazardly throughout the exposition, as well as by his postulation of parallel Christian "mantras," such as "Abba, Father" (Rom 8:15) or "Father, into your hands I commend my spirit" (Lk 23:46).
This postulation though does not seem possible for all such paintings as something profound may be at work in Untitled 2006, with black cord with dangling hooks encroach upon a woman and allude to an unseen puppeteer.