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one submitting a request or application especially one seeking admission into a religious order

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Les postulants a la candidature sont le president sortant, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, le president du Front El Moustakbal, Abdelaziz Belaid et Abdelkader Bengrina du mouvement El Bina.
She screams at a postulant for a minor violation and reduces her to crying and crawling along the ground before a summary dismissal.
A mercenary, a postulant, and a slave - which one is truly the child of prophecy?
On the verge of taking vows in the community of nuns that raised her as an orphan, 18-year-old postulant Anna (Agata Trzebuchowska) is suddenly ordered by Mother Superior to leave the convent and visit an unknown aunt.
La liste d'Akram, un des deux candidats postulant pour la presidence avec Lekj, president de la Renaissance de Berkane, est la liste du "tahadi'' pour veiller ''au respect de la democratie et de la concurrence saine et s'opposer a l'irresponsabilite''.
The iconic story centres around wilful postulant Maria, who is sent to the Von Trapp household to act as governess for the seven children and uses her role to transform the siblings in to a chorus of singing sensations.
1 Fresh as a daisy; 10 Abundance; 11 Corfu; 12 Even; 13 Perth; 14 Rest; 17 Postulant; 19 Match; 20 Inset; 22 Limelight; 24 Open; 25 Smite; 27 Marc; 30 Evita; 31 Deep space; 32 Gloria Estefan.
It's no mean feat to wriggle out from under a shadow as looming as Julie Andrews' to make a part your own, but Connie Fisher confirms conclusively she's the modern Maria in town with a performance that's warm and genuine; her mixed-up postulant is both gauche (you can imagine her doing everything the exasperated nuns complains about in 'Maria') and yet confident and composed.
* A figure from that secular past, the news hound Jeremy (played by Jonathan Walker with unthreatening manly charm), come to track down rumors of a young postulant with unearthly healing powers.
In December 1870, he entered the order as a postulant, changing his name to Andre, in honour of his mentor.
But Ellis (her writing name) dropped out and became a postulant with the Sisters of Notre Dame, Liverpool, where she slipped a disc, persuading the nuns that she had not been made for holy orders.
I never found out whether he was a postulant priest, deacon, dean, or what, but, hypnotized by the sight, I followed him through the main body of the church, past a nave, and into a dim chapel, where he'd found an isolated spot near a large pillar and was just standing there, waiting.
Brother Stephen tells a new postulant, "Once upon a time, my friend, we were all like you.
Matt Humm is a postulant in the Company of Jesus--an ecumenical
Thomas Merton: "A postulant said this morning, 'How deep do they dig a grave?