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one submitting a request or application especially one seeking admission into a religious order

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A mercenary, a postulant, and a slave - which one is truly the child of prophecy?
A figure from that secular past, the news hound Jeremy (played by Jonathan Walker with unthreatening manly charm), come to track down rumors of a young postulant with unearthly healing powers.
As was the custom in the Korean Chogye Order at that time, I took the "going forth" with my bhikkhuni mentor as a postulant (haeng-ja), but my samaneri (Kr: samini) ordination was again with a bhikkhu, the late Most Ven.
In December 1870, he entered the order as a postulant, changing his name to Andre, in honour of his mentor.
But Ellis (her writing name) dropped out and became a postulant with the Sisters of Notre Dame, Liverpool, where she slipped a disc, persuading the nuns that she had not been made for holy orders.
I never found out whether he was a postulant priest, deacon, dean, or what, but, hypnotized by the sight, I followed him through the main body of the church, past a nave, and into a dim chapel, where he'd found an isolated spot near a large pillar and was just standing there, waiting.
Brother Stephen tells a new postulant, "Once upon a time, my friend, we were all like you.
Matt Humm is a postulant in the Company of Jesus--an ecumenical
Thomas Merton: "A postulant said this morning, 'How deep do they dig a grave?
In the popularly studied Bambara kore initiation society, the postulant sacrifices his egocentric orientation to the world, purges himself of his limited terrestrial life through symbolic death, becomes "savory nourishment" for the mouth of God (Zahan 63), and is reborn a new man "spiritually enlightened and endowed with the 'Word,' that is, possessing an immortal soul that bears the form of the universe and God himself" (Zuesse 152).
Pour beneficier de cette mesure, le postulant doit disposer d'une anciennete de cinq ans au moins a la date de depot de son dossier, selon le deuxieme article de cette loi.
Le dossier de demande d'acquisition d'un logement promotionnel public devra AaAaAeA t transmis par le postulant AaAaAeA l'Entreprise nationale de promotion immobiliAaAa (ENPI).
Though the people's devotion and faith in the Marian messages and miracles remained undimmed, the Carmelite community and Teresita Castillo, the visionary who was a Carmelite postulant at the time of the apparitions, experienced much suffering.
Before becoming a postulant, she taught at Crofton House School in Vancouver for 26 years.