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one submitting a request or application especially one seeking admission into a religious order

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During postulancy and novitiate, sisters were formed to respond to their vocation to the religious life rather than merely to prepare professionally for classroom experience.
Martha required successful aspirants to spend six months in the postulancy and twelve months in the novitiate (with a possible three-month extension to the latter), (32) so it seems illogical that they would accept an aspirant less than sixteen and a half years of age because she would be too young to make first vows upon completion of her novitiate.
His candidacy and postulancy were waived because of his Benedictine formation.
102) For women entering the convent, the ensuing year of postulancy was expected to bring diabolical tests of faith.
She is the coordinator for the postulancy committee for the diocese of Toronto and has served on national and diocesan committees.