posttraumatic epilepsy

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a convulsive epileptic state caused by a head injury

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Posttraumatic epilepsy developed in over 50% of TBI victims with penetrating head injury in both the Korean and Vietnam wars.
The AES recommends improvement in the neuropsychological evaluation for veterans with posttraumatic epilepsy.
This project is designed to evaluate a rodent model with posttraumatic epilepsy via closed head injury-induced seizures, for drug screening.
Abbreviations: AED = antiepileptic drug, APOE = apolipoprotein E, CBZ = carbamazepine, CPSE = complex partial status epilepticus, CT = computed tomography, DOD = Department of Defense, EEG = electroencephalography, EMU = epilepsy monitoring unit, GABA = gamma-aminobutyric acid, LOC = loss of consciousness, MRI = magnetic resonance imaging, OIF/OEF = Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom, PB = phenobarbital, PET = positron emission tomography, PHT = phenytoin, PTE = posttraumatic epilepsy, PTSD = posttraumatic stress disorder, TBI = traumatic brain injury, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs, VHA = Veterans Health Administration, VISN = Veterans Integrated Service Network, VPA = valproic acid.
The working definition of posttraumatic epilepsy (PTE), based on the traditional definition of epilepsy, is two or more unprovoked seizures after a head injury.
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