posttraumatic epilepsy

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Synonyms for posttraumatic epilepsy

a convulsive epileptic state caused by a head injury

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Correlates of posttraumatic epilepsy 35 years following combat brain injury.
Posttraumatic epilepsy developed in over 50% of TBI victims with penetrating head injury in both the Korean and Vietnam wars.
By comparison, the overall risk of posttraumatic epilepsy after TBI is 2%-5% in the civilian population and approaches 50% following war injuries, depending on wound severity.
Posttraumatic epilepsy occurs within 5 years of injury in about 2% of patients with moderate brain trauma and 12% of those who sustained severe injury.
The age alone, 14 months old, eliminated alcoholic seizures and posttraumatic epilepsy from the mental differential diagnosis I was forming.
The risk of posttraumatic epilepsy after PBI is high probably due to direct traumatic injury to the cerebral cortex with subsequent cerebral scarring.
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