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2014) found the supplementation of re-esterified palm oils by fatty acid positional distribution within acylglycerol molecules resulted in a lower gross-energy content and an increased solid-fat index at the chicken's body temperature, but re-esterified palm oils did not alter the fat absorption, postprandial lipemia, or growth performance of broiler chicken, compared to native palm oil, so they were regarded to be used as alternative broiler fat sources in chick diets.
17) Moreover, the failure of insulin to suppress VLDL1 release in the postprandial phase can saturate the lipolytic pathways and contributes to postprandial lipemia.
Red wine intake prevents nuclear factor-kappaB activation in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of healthy volunteers during postprandial lipemia.
2005) The influence of walking performed immediately before meals with moderate fat content on postprandial lipemia.
In the succeeding years, the cluster of problems that are associated with Syndrome X has increased to include smaller and denser LDL [`bad'] cholesterol particles and an increase in postprandial lipemia, which is the accumulation of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins in the blood after meals and throughout the day as you eat.
Postprandial lipemia as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease in patients with hypothyroidism.
Owing to the commonly observed increases in triglycerides in diabetes, it is possible that excessive postprandial lipemia in particular may contribute substantially to atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease in diabetes (13-16).
Previous studies have shown that RE can reduce postprandial lipemia 16 h postexercise (Pafili et al.
Alcohol also has other antiatherogenic effects, including reductions in inflammation, platelet aggregation, fibrinogen, Lp(a) lipoprotein, and postprandial lipemia, coupled with increased plasminogen and tissue plasminogen activator.
Mechanisms for the acute effect of fructose on postprandial lipemia.
As is true for fasting triglycerides, postprandial lipemia can be affected by ethnicity, alcohol consumption, and menopausal status, and thus these factors should be considered in clinical practice.
Postprandial lipemia in men with metabolic syndrome, hypertensives and healthy subjects.