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(linguistics) the placing of one linguistic element after another (as placing a modifier after the word that it modifies in a sentence or placing an affix after the base to which it is attached)

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Examples: possessives: boz-e sar "goat's head," boza-ye sar "goats' heads"; adjectives: sorx-e gol "red flower," sorx-e gola "red flowers." For objects of postpositions, see [section]3.4.
But again, to is a postposition following the pronoun him, cf.
Once a spatial noun is reinterpreted as a postposition encoding an oblique relational meaning, it may then be used in an innovative way for encoding even more abstract functions of grammar, such as for marking a core grammatical case relation.
Parts of speech tagging assigns a grammatical category adjective, adverbs, and postposition etc.
Parts of speech (subclass) Numeric code Prenoun (PN) .100 Noun-infinitive (Ni) .101 Pronoun (PRO) .102 Gerund (GER) .103 Relative pronoun (RPRO) .104 Postnoun (POSTN) .105 Verb (V) .110 Helping verb (HV) .111 Adverb (ADV) .112 Auxiliary verb (AUX) .113 Interrogative (question word) (INT) .120 Demonstrative words (DEM) .121 Quantifier (QUAN) .122 Article (A) .123 Adjective (ADJ) .130 Adjective-particle (ADJP) .131 Number (N) .132 Preposition (PRE) .140 Postposition (POST) .141 Punctuation (PUNC) .150 Conjunction (CONJ) .160 Interjection (INTER) .170 Negative word (NE) .180 Determiner (D) .190 Idiom (I) .200 Phrases (P) .210 Unknown words (UW) .220 TABLE 2: Comparison of performance measurement of MT system with QNN and traditional neural network.
the combination of preposition and noun as objective in English is counted as a word composed of a noun with postposition in Korean).
95% Deviation Error Confidence Mean Interval of the Difference Lower Pair TotalPre - 3.70000 5.74322 .97078 1.72714 1 TotalPost Pair PrePain - -.171 2.093 .354 -.890 2 PostPain Pair PrePosition - .200 1.922 .325 -.460 3 PostPosition Pair PreToilet - 1.2286 4.6405 .7844 -.3655 4 PostToilet t df Sig.
Researchers inspired by Greenberg propose, for example, that languages in which verbs come before objects tend to use prepositions, as in "The man (subject) put (verb) the dog (object) in (preposition) a canoe." Languages in which verbs follow objects tend to use postpositions, as in "The man (subject) the dog (object) put (verb) the canoe in (postposition)."
If a switch occurs within the prepositional or postpositional phrases then the preposition or postposition's language will determine the ML of the phrase.
Changes from baseline to the 15-minute postposition assessment mean change scores showed a downward trend for Pbt[O.sub.2] for all positions with statistically significant decreases observed for supine head of bed (HOB) elevated 30[degrees] and 45[degrees] (p < .01) and right and left lateral positioning HOB 30[degrees] (p < .05).
In Dutch, changing the preposition in into a postposition changes the meaning from position to destination.
In Akebu a preposition and a postposition of the Possessives are possible.
Thus, forms such as "kon" (ko, postposition marking objects) and "naom" (nao/nav, name) were common in older forms of Hindi/Urdu.