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happening or done after a surgical operation

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Before implantation of the IOL and at one week and one, three, and six months postoperatively, the investigators assessed the safety, efficacy, predictability, stability, and adverse events of the surgery.
The use of antiemetics postoperatively was similar as well (48% and 55% in the bowel prep and no-prep groups, respectively.
Airway complications were defined as either airway obstruction requiring an awake tracheostomy, a failed primary airway management technique, those requiring reintubation postoperatively or death from airway obstruction.
One might also hypothesise that this group would then represent a population with a higher disease volume than the group where the diagnosis was made postoperatively.
With this new implant you can, for the first time, "change volume and projection" postoperatively for several months using a silicone gel implant.
The first 5-year follow-up study of pain and function after total knee replacement reveals a discrepancy between patients' expectations and their actual ability to engage in sports and recreational activities postoperatively, according to a presentation at the World Congress on Osteoarthritis.
Patients were evaluated clinically and radiographically for 5 to 8 years postoperatively (mean, 5.
The patient was transferred to the intensive care unit postoperatively.
Only 5 patients required perioperative dialysis; in 5 additional patients, chronic dialysis was begun from 4 to 24 months postoperatively.
Hyper alimentation intravenously and through pharyngostomy tube was employed postoperatively in 6 animals each.
Be sure your doctor is a specialist in sports and spine rehabilitation and that he remains involved postoperatively helping you get back on the road.
Immunosuppressive therapy was given for about 3 months postoperatively and then discontinued.
Coronary bypass surgery has considerable impact on the occupational status of individuals postoperatively (Rimm, Barboriak, Anderson, & Simon, 1976).
Whatever the cause, providing protein C postoperatively may safely prevent clot formation, Esmon says.