postnasal drip

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chronic secretion of mucus from the rear of the nasal cavity into the nasopharynx

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These were bilateral in all the patients and the most common presenting symptoms were nasal obstruction (100%), postnasal drip (92.5%), excessive sneezing (72.0%), rhinorrhea (67.5%) and loss of sense of smell (63.7%) in decreasing order of frequency.
Can help relieve persistent night cough A postnasal drip (PND) occurs when excessive mucus is produced; The excess mucus accumulates in the throat or back of the nose and can trigger a cough which often gets worse at night.
In this report, we present a 71-year-old case with a huge TC who presented to our clinic with the complaints of snoring, nasal obstruction, periodic halitosis, postnasal drip, headache, and hearing loss in the left ear and underwent total excision of the cyst through transnasal endoscopy.
Some presenting symptoms are postnasal drip, persistent nasal discharge, halitosis, [5] progressive nasal obstruction, habitual snoring, occipital headache more on head movement, [6] ear fullness or pain due to Eustachian tube dysfunction secondary to local inflammation and compression.
These patients (aged 6-25 years) presented with swollen adenoids at different grades that came into contact with the torus tubarius or even impeded the visualization of the tube ostium with ipsilateral or bilateral symptoms like middle ear effusion, aural fullness, tinnitus, snoring, and postnasal drip. Patients who displayed symptoms of allergic rhinitis had already been treated for a minimum of 8 weeks with nasal corticosteroid sprays.
Three months later, the patient returned to our family clinic complaining of postnasal drip, throat pain, and neck fullness that she'd had for one month that weren't responsive to over-the-counter remedies and antibiotics.
You'll almost always have congestion, postnasal drip, sinus pressure, and possibly a fever, whether the cause is a virus, bacteria or allergies.
Instead, people with airway reflux experience hoarseness, postnasal drip, difficulty swallowing, and shortness of breath.
Many allergy sufferers have embraced the O-T-C nasal steroid sprays for their ability to relieve congestion, sneezing, postnasal drip and other allergy symptoms.
The etiologies of long-term cough (lasting more than 8 weeks [sup][11] ) most commonly include asthma induced by allergens, chronic upper airway cough syndrome (postnasal drip), gastroesophageal reflux disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and even pulmonary tuberculosis.
Wash the nose with saline solution, especially when symptoms appear such as postnasal drip and congestion; and
It reduces challenging symptoms such as chronic throat irritation and cough, hoarse voice, difficulty swallowing, and postnasal drip with few mild and short side effects.
In the court's resolution, the Third Division noted that the PGH doctors found that Enrile has chronic hypertension with fluctuating blood pressure levels on multiple drug therapy; infused atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease; atrial and ventricular arrhythmia; asthma chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) overlap syndrome (ACOS) and postnasal drip syndrome; and age-related macular degeneration.
Most of these patients may also experience symptoms like headache, earache, red eyes, tearing, postnasal drip, and impaired smell perception.