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Synonyms for postmortal

occurring or done after death


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El autor define la parusia como la glorificacion final de Cristo y explica el juicio final no como una repeticion de la valoracion postmortal del individuo, sino como el esclarecimiento que ofrece Dios a la humanidad entera, del triunfo final del bien sobre mal, y de la aportacion de cada individuo a la historia de salvacion.
The postmortal condition: From the biomedical deconstruction of death to the extension of longevity.
Smith created numerous institutions that governed the supernaturalism within Mormonism; according to Richard Bushman, "Joseph thought institutionally more than any other visionary of his time, and the survival of his movement can largely be attributed to this gift." (125) At the heart of Smith's institutions was a priesthood that Smith claimed he received from the postmortal apostles Peter, James, and John.
Gonzalez Echevarria reaches a conclusion similar to Shaw's: "The action of 'Journey Back to the Source' is framed by two voids, the prenatal and the postmortal, with the Carnival at the center" (150).
This brief excursion into the transegoic quality of names--in a sense stretching a person's existence into his ante- and postmortal life--may suffice to delineate the social significance of the sound-image of the self.
In addition, the presence of E coli DNA in our case, but not in several control cases buried nearby, merely excludes the possibility that postmortal spread of E coli may have occurred in those bodies.
Because in Sabbath's Theater, the love object's death does not serve as perverse sexual kick, nor does the woman's corpse suffer that notorious postmortal aestheticizing which once prompted Edgar Allan Poe to pronounce "the death...
The world may not be literally postmortal, but our deaths are not likely to arrive on schedule.
Dentro del contexto de comunion buscada por Dios, halla su lugar el estado de purificacion postmortal de personas imperfectas.
In his essay, Venz focuses in particular on the notion that death occasions the appearance of "twin" post-mortals, or that death creates a "bifurcation" in the postmortal personality of the deceased.
El libro empieza con una breve historia de la doctrina del purgatorio, entendido como etapa de purificacion postmortal previa a la entrada en el cielo.
At death, these two kinds of "souls" are each transformed into a different kind of postmortal "soul." Thus, he tells us, the "spirit soul" becomes in death a kelelungan "soul" and the "body-part souls" become a liau "soul." During secondary funerary rituals called kwangkai (or kawangkai), the ritual experts who perform them install each of these two postmortal "souls" in a different "heavenly abode." The kelelungan soul is sent by the ritual expert to tenangkai solai, the 'great longhouse' located in the seventh layer of the upperworld, while the liau soul, guided by spirit birds, is said to journey to a heavenly longhouse on the summit of Mount Lumut.
Una segunda afirmacion de LG 49-51 que merece la pena destacar se refiere a la existencia postmortal. La muerte no tiene la ultima palabra sobre el hombre, ni disuelve los lazos de amor entre personas:
(1997: 14) were willing to concede only "something of the Nayuq nature" is, at least as a mythological postmortal, and indeed as all human and mythological ancestors, to be referred to as nayuq, or [nayuq] timang.