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of or relating to postmodernism


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In what follows, I will demonstrate that the catalogues in postmodernist texts, which are usually random and not organized by any recognizable principle, do not provide orientation--at least not orientation in the traditional sense.
The point here is that, given Jernigan's working definition and his very selective sampling of Stoppard's work, I find it very difficult to call Stoppard a postmodernist even during this early stage of his career.
I think, to a large extent, it is the general lack of scholarship on postmodernist poetry that leads to lesser attention to McHale's scholarship of postmodernist poetry.
Even though the attempt to reach a satisfactory definition of these concepts, and in particular of the extent to which different features and creative principles can be ascribed to each of these narrative modes seems far from being an easy task, the book represents a masterful compilation of studies which shed valuable light on these issues and provides the tools for a coherent analysis of the short story as influenced--in varying degrees--by the main tenets that constitute the bases of modernist and postmodernist writing.
In his theoretical chapter, before part one, Sacido examines the defining features of modernist and postmodernist short fiction, exploring the role of the short story in the rise of modernism in terms of autonomy and subjectivity, and analysing how in postmodernism "interpretation is blocked and representation becomes impossible" (14).
Six chapters address postmodernist representations and include discussion of America as a "stereotype" and a "beautiful imperialist," as invincible and surreal, as desexualized (Lars Von Trier's Dogville) Said's America, and Hassan's radical identification with America.
And it is rather irrelevant that postmodernist philosophers find the abyss of individual's introspection frighteningly empty, because the philosophical concept of 'subjectivity' is not coterminous with 'individuality'.
The affective hypothesis posits that postmodernist literature is characterized by an absence of tonal warmth and that the absence of tonal warmth in a given work signals an absence of affective charge inherent to the work.
Bust of Social Text magazine: Pimp and ho pen postmodernist article called "Transgressing the Boundaries: Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity" and submit it to the editors of Social Text at Duke University.
The postmodernist movement represents a radical paradigm shift that, unlike modernism, epistemologically permits the coexistence of multiple realities.
Does postmodernist refer to the cultural paradigm of postmodernity?
It is noteworthy that humanism, because it emphasized the individual construction of reality, provided a valuable bridge to postmodernist ideology (Rudes & Guterman, 2007).
Postmodernist historians (I vowed I would never start a sentence, let alone a column, with the word 'postmodernist', but there we are) reckon that we cannot learn anything meaningful from old documents.
Instead of constructing a master narrative of Kirk as postmodernist, Russello makes discrete arguments in each of his chapters, which tackle by turns Kirk's ideas about history, politics, and jurisprudence, and the general relationship between "Conservatism, Modernity, and the Postmodern.