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of or relating to postmodernism


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Quick think of a humanities professor who's also a postmodernist. Admit it: you probably imagined a tweedy closet Luddite, nostalgic for village life, intimidated by cell phones, scornful of genetically modified foods.
Authoritativeness is still valued, but postmodernists and feminists have seriously weakened the concept of authoritative or canonical works.
There's no political anxiety to his influences--making Paizs the prototypical postmodernist, even more so than John Waters, whose idealistic, humanist politics scream: "Why can't we all get along?" And just as only 1950s America could have produced a John Waters, only 1950s Canada could have produced John Paizs, who--ironically enough--stands as our most American filmmaker.
The distinguishing characteristic of postmodernist theorizing is its rejection of traditional philosophy and metaphysics.
Implicit in my scepticism towards the claims for the avant-garde status of what may be called 'postmodernist editing' is of course a dissatisfaction with postmodernism itself, or rather a perception that the theoretical tenets postmodernism are by no means as influential nor persuasive (nor, indeed, well-founded) as some of its advocates in literary studies appear to assume.
For Lee, "postmodernist politics proper" takes its rejection of the essentialist "philosopical foundation of liberalism to the point of discrediting liberalism as political practice" (p.
Brass attempts to answer this question with the standard postmodernist response: His multiple narratives underscore the contingency of various explanations for a particular event.
While most criticism about postmodernist fiction simply ignores women's writing, or at least its feminist implications, many feminist critics have been actively suspicious of (male) postmodernism.
major postmodernist theories and its direct or indirect bearings on the
Instead, it looks at the functions of lists in postmodernist narratives, that is, the self-reflexive kind of fiction that reached its heyday in the second half of the twentieth century.
A specialist volume for postmodernist academic scholars of English literature, this book is about theory and psychoanalysis.
More specifically, Jernigan feeds off Stoppard's confession to being "conservative with a small c" by arguing that he is "not only ideologically moderate, but also epistemologically, ontologically and aesthetically moderate as well," concluding: "It would seem these are poor credentials indeed for a postmodernist" (30).
I first came to know McHale's work by reading his 1987 book Postmodernist Fiction when I was conducting my Ph.D.
The present volume is an inspiring collection of essays which succeeds in engaging the reader in a thought-provoking discussion on issues which are presently at the core of literary and artistic debates, such as the definition and delimitations of the short story, as well as the ideas and problematics of modernist and postmodernist creation.
Enacting the move from modernist autonomy and subjectivity to the postmodernist emphasis on literary artifice, the short story becomes an apt tool for the reassessment of modernism, postmodernism and their interrelationship, as Modernism, Postmodernism, and the Short Story in English, edited by Jorge Sacido, demonstrates.