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of or relating to postmodernism

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As published, Postmodern Music, Postmodern Listening is divided into two books.
In the postmodern ERP era, heavily customised ERP systems are re-architected to serve as systems of record, with differentiating processes and activities supplemented with cloud-based applications that are integrated into these ERP systems.
The author proposes that medievalist fiction is a robust contemporary genre in which authors who employ postmodern artistry succeed at writing better fictions than authors who donAEt.
In chapter 3, Soukup delineates three overarching practices fundamental to his "postmodern ethnography," including:
Alber lists nine strategies by which readers make sense of these postmodern, unnatural narratives, ranging from foregrounding thematic concerns to blending frames to reading allegorically.
After concluding remarks on the modernism born after World War I, Brett shifts her attention to the postmodern world after World War II, focusing on Salinger's modernist Nine Short Stories as a transitional work between the world after each of the wars as well as the aftermath of the Allies' clear moral superiority, namely, a societal vacuum requiring "unmasking," a task the postmodernists would take much further.
While several publications exist in this field, Gordon E Slethaug's addition advances the theories of adaptation by employing what he calls a 'postmodern lens' to a select group of American films.
As the next generation of postmodern authors emerges, several questions arise: Have these new writers grown from an earlier literary cohort, or have they, at some point, entered a '"post-postmodern" period?
However, what makes the new world war unconventional or postmodern? The answer is simple: The new postmodern world war has different actors such as sub-state actors and even cultural groups.
Daniel Jernigan's Tom Stoppard: Bucking the Postmodern concentrates on another, albeit related, charge levied against Stoppard, namely, that he tends toward the philosophically reactionary by demonstrating a pronounced interest in the many perspectives and features of modernism over postmodernism.
In the 1990s, postmodern thinking suddenly lost its intensity and left behind an ambiguous world in which some underlying socio-cultural and ideological factors became apparent.
It is no accident that Juan Villoro is classified as a postmodern author.
He focuses on the major stage-plays and considers Stoppard as moving away from postmodern conventions to modernist and realist ones.
THE POSTMODERN SACRED: POPULAR CULTURE SPIRITUALITY IN THE SCIENCE FICTION, FANTASY AND URBAN FANTASY GENRES is for any college-level collection strong in science fiction analysis, and considers how pop culture spirituality is used in fantasy to impart secondhand experiences of belief.
But even though there's even a couplet to describe it - postmodern irony - it makes no sense.